Setting the Dial Tone of Your Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

By now is it a surprise to you that Life doesn’t always suit you? In fact, it may appear that you very well expect Life to let you down. You may gripe about Life’s uncooperativeness. I request that you not be affronted by Life to the extent that you may give yourself over to discontent.

Surely you may feel that Life must stop tripping you up. If only Life would not be so ornery. Ah, if only you would give Life a handshake.

You may feel you are up against it in Life and that it has always been so. You may feel you are banging your head against the wall or giving up on the equipment you are using that is out of hand. Your computer, your car, for instance, won’t do as you wish. You identify this as frustration. You are fit to be tied, yet…

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