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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Dear Ones, naturally, you want Life to be amenable, easy-going, always on tap. Life is not meant to be in a furor. And so, may you be like the water.

Water has great power. It has great content. Water is for all. At the same time as you can measure it and fill containers with it and drink it and heal all that may ail you, the Value of Water is immeasurable. The Great Power of Water gently turns boulders into sandy beaches, a grain of sand at a time. Plentiful and bountiful is water like dew to replenish you.

For the most part, water enjoys lapping the shores. For the most part, water is patient. For the most part, water can wait for change. And, so, you, for the most part, want to be more like the water, calm and steady in its flow and skill in…

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