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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You love a mystery. This is why you, My Children, may squint your eyes and look for clues in Life as you go along. You may say you would love to know ahead of time all that will happen in this Lifetime, yet the Truth is that you wouldn’t. If Truth be told, you thrive on not knowing. You are in the thrall of suspense. You may rail against not knowing all you want to know, yet you love not knowing. If all of relative Life were known to you, you might well be ho-hum about it.

Heaven knows, you don’t want to risk boredom at any cost. Certainly, you may well not relish all that occurs, yet you really don’t look for constant predictable happy endings. You would soon get fed up with that. What? No excitement? No contrast? You like to take a winding road. You…

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