The Path You Were Meant to Be On

Love is the light that lights our way.

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic


Life is a marvelous journey.  However it can also be an uncertain journey.  As we travel the many roads of our lives, we are often faced with decisions that are difficult.  For some, the way is clear, for others, not so much.  In our lives we all make decisions and choices.  Sometimes those decisions are clear and easy and sometimes filled with uncertainty.  In my experience, the best way to navigate through life is to follow one’s heart.   The way may or may not be easy, but so often in life we are in a state of transition, and the choices we make may not directly take us to where we think we want to be, but rather take us to the path we are intended to be upon.

The easy road may not always be the right way.  Sometimes the best road is the one that challenges us…

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