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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

“To thine own Self be true.”

Ah, you would love to be True to thine so-called Own Self, and I would love you to be True to your Royal Self, so why don’t you live this in fact?

The bare answer might be that I know Who you are while you have not as yet caught on to Who you are. This is true so far as it goes, yet running at the same time on a deeper hidden level, you do know. You do, and you don’t, and yet you do. I guarantee that you do. You will recognize yourself as sure as rain.

Perhaps, if, in Life, you had not been told things like: “Don’t be foolish,” you might have accepted the Truth of Life long ago, and the whole world would be different.

Heretofore, you simply may not have been able to see. Perhaps you…

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