Arcturian Group Message July 9, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light


JULY 9, 2017

Dear ones, once again we reach out in love to bless, heal, and inform all who wish it.  In this  time of strife and confusion you must learn to rest in and live out from the highest level of your consciousness.   Many of you are being “tested” so to speak, not by  God who knows only His own infinite completeness,  but by yourselves.
You are being faced with a choice;  “Do I really believe what I know of truth or do I not?  Based on images and news, I should be afraid, but based on the truth I know within, why should I react to the outer scene if it is illusion?  There is, never has been, nor ever can be real death.”  These words will sound shocking to some,  but need to be considered by anyone serious about their spiritual evolution.  Either God is…

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