A New World is Coming and the Future is Bright

Love is always the answer. Love is always the way. ~Brother David

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

Do not despair my brothers and sisters.  For all the outward turmoil in the Earth today there is great hope on the horizon.   Do not worry for the time, for spirit knows no time.  The future is written in the dreams of our ancestors and in the love of our children.  It will be a good earth, a new earth.


Many will say the old prophecies did not come true, but they are still coming true.  For the time before a birth is difficult, the time of giving birth is painful.  Yet there is a great joy to come. A great hope.  We are even now in the birthing pains of a new world that will be filled with love and light.


The new generations are being born and they will remember and they will bring forth a new world, based on love, compassion and hope.  All that is…

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2 thoughts on “A New World is Coming and the Future is Bright

  1. Reading your script I had “goose-üim running down my back … It was at the right time… to read it as I am sooo tired these days ….thank you David ! Mary

    • I am happy to hear that. Funny, I saw the two graphics on facebook and knew I needed to write something. From there it just flowed. So happy it touched you.

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