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Rainbow Wave of Light

HL170706God said:

Well, here is how it is. For some time now, We are ahead in writing down Heavenletters.

Today, as I whisper in the ether this fresh new Heavenletter, the given date is January 1, 2017, the first day of the New Year. This is heralded in the world as a Special Day, a Holiday, a Holy Day.

Of course, every day is a Holy Day and remarkable in the world. Where do days in the world come from if not from Heaven? Every day is remarkable. Every day is a Day Coming over the Horizon that has never arrived on Earth before. Every day is worthy of a celebration.

At the same time, there is Infinity. We can describe Infinity as seamless. Yes, Infinity is seamless. There is no separation. It is impossible for Infinity to separate itself. There is not a way in the world to precisely…

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