Message of Prime Creator

Let it be…..
A message from Prime Creator
1) June 30, 2017: A ‘soft’ version of NESARA will be announced by Republic President Trump.
2) July 2, 2017: The final removal of dark beings and cabal in the deep state.
3) July 4, 2017: This news will be broadcast over the Emergency Broadcast System.
4) July 5, 2017: The GCR/RV will commence worldwide.
5) July 6, 2017: NESARA/GESARA is accepted worldwide and new elections will be announced replacing the removed dark ones with the introduction of common law in governments and courts everywhere.
· End of wars.
· End of illegal taxes.
· End of illegal bank debt.
· Provide asset-backed financial system worldwide.
· End of illegal corporate laws since Civil War (US).
· Return to Constitutional Law in Government and courts.
· End all negative government agencies: IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. and all deep state/black ops organizations.
· Release of prisoners where there is no victim (government cannot be a victim).
· Release and provide healing of all victims of pedophile and sexual abuse.
· Replacing all oil, coal and gas power plants and factories/homes with free energy devices.
· Replacing all vehicles with free energy devices.
· Creating all new vehicles with free energy devices.
· Ending the use of harmful drugs, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, chem-trails, fracking, sonar.
· Greatly reduce oil drilling onshore, ending all offshore drilling.
· Replacing the allopathic health system with holistic healing methods.
· Provide housing and holistic healthcare for homeless.
· Accept and welcome our Galactic friends.
· Return all refugees to their native lands with prosperity funds.
· Accept the sovereignty of all countries.
· Begin living and making decision from one’s heart.
· Move one’s heart into the heart of Prime Creator.
Channeled by T.S.
Published In Freedom Club USA Newsletter 06/26/2017


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  1. is it really going to happen? i’m not believing it until hillary, posbteda, obuma, and queen elizardbeth get arrested! on july 2 if no arrests are being made then you are telling a fib!

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