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Flowers of Senior Age

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Written and posted by Contramary/Contramimi – June 24, 2017

After reading the above post I could not get rid of thoughts following and circling around the text and what “Gary” describes for some time. More than days only I think it circled in my heart and mind for a week or so. I understood not everything and have to study it still more thoroughly. If I succeed to materialze and bring my way of thinking forth to you my readers I do not know at this timeline but I will try my very best.

“Gary” speaks of bands of light in various colours being wrapped around the globe of planet earth by humans being awoken from their deep slumber of duality. This picture in my mind and before my inner eyes was at my side during recent days and incited me to consequently following thought sequences:

Yes, we humans live more or less out of our chacras and their dominating colours (see also the flames of the Archangels and great celestial guides. For AAMichael it is blue and for St.Germain violet.) In some similar ways also humans live more or less by the colours of our chacras which according to our character and moods outshine into our auras and make up the various colours of these bands of which “Gary” speaks wrapped around the globe. The White Light of “Gary`s” colour is the amalgamation of rainbow-colours which might be a great achievement of”Gary”´s chacra-colours.For if we really try with all our heart to alter negative moods this means that likewise we change domineering some sort of chacra and with this chacra to change the colour of and it outshine into our aura. That explains that we can do a lot of things to influence the remaining positive moods of ours and to make the frequency of our vibration ascend.

At this thought I remembered what Blossom Goodchild told in one of her channelings. that looking of the Federation of Light into the eyes of White Eagle was to experience a melting process of eachothers souls – In my sight this melting process appears similarly to some melting of  chacra colours. The birth of white light – in my vision – must be therefore a bye-product of this melting i.e. melting hearts and evoking expansion of hearts and progressive evolution of each participant.

Do you agree with me to such interpretation?

We all have a definite signature for eacn individual person at the end of our blog – and this was mine originally : ”

About contramimi

Formerly my uysername was Contramary from the Nursery Rhyme “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? ……..I changed it now to “Contramimi”…………….

But with progressive timeline of furthering spiritual evolution this signature changed intoeMy Grav. when I pressed the button “like”:
Even with more time elapsing I noticed a further change in that changed signature. The white dots around the white quadruple center minimize by and by while the four turquoise dots in the white centre are growing. And well I can explain these foregoings with the help of what I mentioned above about the chacra colours.:
“The turquoise colour stands for my expanded heart. It is not light green any more for the only heart but also for that of the throat which is light blue.This is my colour of both chacras which outshine as turquoise in my aura. And the secret of my meditations may be publizised as well. At my daily side are the passive Father God, the active Mother God and AA Michael with whom I am conversing all my days and not only in meditation. The white light of the centre is the divine light in which I bathe and the white dots are humans of my surrounding which however are losing signification for me.
Turquoise colour stands for language and painting and the emotion of love and the white colour is for unconditional love.
I asked in my meditation if I am right with these interpretation and it was justified.
I must say that this script of mine turns out to be another flower of my Senior Age and I am most grateful to Father God for giving me these above thoughts for further spiritual evolution. Thank you out of the depths of my expanded heart, Father !