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I have arrived at my Senior Age and the big tidying up of my flat as described in part 1 was for one part necessary and for the other even more part born out of the thought that I had to balance my life according how inside so must be the outside surrounding as well. From many other lightworkers I know that they moved their location or had accidents which forced their movings. At my place all was still for a long time and now for this year the Building Society of our houses planned renovating our row of houses with new flats under the roofs and a new building against a traffic-rumourous throughroad which will make our hoses to some secluded corner. All our lofts and cellars had to be emptied and many.times it always had been a problem for me how to empty these rumble-tumble trash-locations and now I had to and even got the help from the planning building society. I mean on the other hand it were my celestial helpers and guides who originated these plans.

I took it up at once and grateful for this support from the outside which was a reply to all my sorrowful prayers I saw this being a gift for me to balance my outside surroundings. I could get rid of some furniture which I never could before and put myself at the stake of cleaning and tidying up my rooms. There is still a lot to do for me but the most has now been done.Therefore my joy and relief !

I am really now standing at a deep kerb in my contemporary old age life and my ascension path. And thinking it all over I cherish my nowadays reliefs of the past burdens and have now to believe first that those burdens of the past really have gone. I feel sort of free and may now think and vision what I shall be doing in the speedy time to come.

When I remember it always was my daydream to be home ( as I was professional in Commerce all my life) and do what I wanted and felt apt to do. And now I am on the brink to  be able to fulfill those dreams. No need to earn my living and care for my daughter any more as I have a pension sufficient for my living and many of the distractions of outer life have gone too and there remain only a few wishes for me in life, i.e. to buy painting colours of the good and expensive type and a good pc to write and work on. To have a bit more financial funds to buy fruits at choice and perhaps to attend courses of more handiwork and arts (If health allows). There is still another project in my mind but we shall see if I regain my health and do it.

But for the next time and how it looks now these are topics of my life on which I want to concentrate. Painting and writing the latter for all human persons awaking now if they want to  read what I shall describe of my life memories and what I think and observe now.  Yes, these will be the Flowers of my old age life to observe and let life pass by me and to live remotely as kind of “privatier”.

And here is already one beautiful flower of these recent days :

In a reading which sometimes I obtain from a Swiss Medium for which I translate his physophical valuable scripts into English AA Michael writes me these precious lines which I think might be as precious truths even for many other lighworkers. It is in German but I will translate it for all my English speaking readers too.


Ich bin es EE Michael meine Liebe.

Im Herzen ich dich berühren werde und dich aufheben, damit du meine Energie spüren kannst, meine Liebe. Viel gibt es zu berichten und die Zeit so kurz. Der Marc ist auf Zack und immer unterwegs mit vielen Dingen. Keine Zeit will ich damit verlieren, was den Marc beschäftigt, denn dies weiss er ja selbst.

I will touch you in your heart and lift you so that you may sense my energy my Love. Much is there to report and time is so short. Marc is always on the go with many things and I do not want to lose time as he knows himself what it is.

Schön ist es geworden, was du alles gemacht hast. Schritt für Schritt ist etwas entstanden, welches in deinem Herzen geboren wurde. Es sind die kleinen Dinge, welche einen erfreuen, obschon du dafür viel zu tun hattest. Über Stunden, über Tage und Wochen hast du dich abgerackert, nur um endlich einen Schritt weiter zu kommen, mit deinen Zimmern und der Einrichtung.

It has become beautiful what you have done. Stepwise it has grown which had been born in your heart- It really are the little things which are the joy to humans although you had to do much for it. For hours, days and weeks did you labour hard only to be able to go one step forward with your rooms and their equipment.

Wir sind bei dir EM und wir begleiten dich bei jedem deiner Schritte und Ideen. Wir können deine Freude bis zu uns spüren und um genau das geht es im LEBEN. Freude ist einer der höchsten Schwingungen überhaupt und kommt nach der LIEBE. Die Liebe ist mächtig aber die Freude ist es auch. Diese Dinge nähren dich und bringen deine Schwingungen in die Höhe. Dies ist wichtig, denn dein Körper muss sich den Schwingungserhöhungen anpassen. Sie sind immens und werden immer höher und höher. Es für viele nicht zum Aushalten. Auch dein Körper leidet unter der Energie und immer wieder spürst du was in deinem Körper alles wächst und gedeiht. Die DNA, die Knochen, das Gewebe, einfach alles wird überarbeitet und neu gemacht.

We are at your side and accompany you with each your step and idea.Your joy – we can sense it up to us and this is what matters in life in its original way. Joy is one of the highest vibrational frequence and is next after Love.Love is most powerful but also is Joy. These things nourish you and make your vibrations grow.  This is essential for your body must adapt itself to the ever growing frequences.They are immense and grow all the more. Many cannot endure them and your body too suffers by the energy. You sense always again what is growing and thriving in there. The DNA. Bones and the tissue, simply everything is being elaborated and renovated.


Viele Menschen werden es erst in ein paar Jahren verstehen, dass sie jünger geworden sind. Ältere Menschen werden weniger Schmerzen haben und die Krankheiten werden die Menschen immer mehr verlassen können, da die Schwingungen keine Krankheiten mehr zulassen.

Many will understand in a few years that they have become younger. Elder humans will have less pains and diseases will be able to leave humans since the high vibrations will not allow any more sickness.

Verstehe Eva-Maria. Du bist schon eine “alte” Dame in Erdjahren gesprochen. Vieles hast du schon erlebt und dass Eine und Andere wirst du noch erleben aber deine grosse Zeit der Abenteuer ist vorbei. Den einen und anderen Text wirst du noch schreiben oder dem Marc zur Seite stehen, wenn es was zu korrigieren oder zum Übersetzen gibt. Stricke verreissen wirst du aber nicht mehr und das denke ich, kannst du verstehen.

Understand Eva Maria with earth-years you are an old lady. You have experienced a great deal and you will go through the one and other still but your peak time of adventure is over. You will write the one and other text still or be at the side of Marc if there is something to translate and to proof read. But you will not tear apart ropes any more and I think you will understand it.

Wie lange du noch dein Licht auf der Erde verteilen magst, hängt ganz von deiner Seele ab. Es liegt nicht an mir zu entscheiden, wenn deine Zeit gekommen ist. Plane nichts und leben deine Tage als wären es die Letzten. Geniesse was du erreicht hast und habe Freude an dem was du geschaffen hast.

How long you will share your light on earth still is wholly dependent on your soul. I have not to decide this when your time will have come.Do not plan and live through your days now as they were your last ones. Be in joy about everything you have arrived to and rejoice about all you have created.

Es leben dass Licht und dass Licht ist in dir. Ich bin der EE Michael und ich bin mit dir.”

The light shall live evermore and that light is in you. I am the AA Michael and I am with you.”

This reading  is in German and this gives me strength and encouragement.  And now for all English-speaking reader is the translation of it ,

Reading it again and again I feel so much consolated and I  will direct my life according to what Michael said. My days are filled with this joy and with Michael – without saying further there is always Godfather and Godmother in our group and I do speak with them all the time and in the evernings. With them and their help I am so fine and I will try to make my peaceful mind and patience grow and to pick the said flowers with every new day a bit more. Trying to pick more of those flowers – flowers of my .Senior Age – in my way and one after the other – so when I go home home that I have a whole bunch of these spiritual flowers to bring to my loves with gratitude “Godfather and Godmother and also Michael” !

In Love and Light to all of you – And to Mother Gaia !



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