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The old measuring of duality-time has passed since a while and we are able to sense and observe it by the ever faster passing of seconds and minutes in the contemporary timeline. Today it is being faster than yesterday and tomorrow we shall have some more speedy timeline. This is another sign for our ascending path and we may support this fast and ever development of timeline by some of our attitude newly gained on our individual ascension path. Let me tell you a story out of my nowadays Life:

Being half deaf I cannot hear my doorbell and when there is some delivery due for me I have to make an appointed time per e-mail in order to go and sit at my kitchen-window to see this delivery van arriving so that I do not miss the appointment, This happened some days ago and I sat there invain half a day as despite of the appointed time passed no delivery van arrived. I sat there and observed the fleeting time passing by. So these thoughts came into my mind:  As time runs now much faster than in earlier pasts I could support this by some of my attitudes. I went into some Alpha-Being with open eyes and started meditation. I felt me surrounded by AA Michael and the active loving divine Mother God and time passed hours after the other. And this is only one example how we can support all events which are quite new for us in our daily life of ascension. We have to be only creative of inventing new methods for us. And although I was disappointed at the never arriving Delivery van I regarded it as not much important but thanked the inward spiritual helpers a lot.

I am now 82 years old and a long life with many adventures and events are behind me. With some bye-pass surgery and a broken hip I spent some time in hospirals and some months in an nursery for Seniors which all was full of happenings which I would alter much if I could.  And most of all there was some overflooding with water in my flat before. So please consider what a turmoil there was in my 3-roomed flat when I returned from the nursery ! I just shut my eyes to all the undidy turmoil and started again with a mobile nursing team 3-rimes a day and compelled myself simply not to look at all the turmoil. But so many  thoughts were crossing my mind all the time, when and how I could have a tidy and nice flat again ? So I lived for about one to rwo years

And now beginning of February I started to tidy up … first one room and only 2-3 hours a day as I was in a wheelchair still forcing me not to think how much was there to be done still ahead, And after 3 months It was almost all done. My daughter came with some friends to do the rough wirk and some of the mobile nursing team were shifting for me heavy things.

Now I have re-arranged furniture in the living room with -Chippendale furniture and a new carpet and OMG this has turned out a beauty and can you imagine what a joy this is for me ? The first days when the new carpet in light blue like the sky with all the Türkish flowers “Baglava” is the name of it, was laid out, I went several times a day there into the living room to rejoice about it. My sense of beauty is being enhanced  there and I still feel this joy in all my body. I have done it and succeeded to have a nice and beautiful flat again. All my sorrows and broodings of the past have gone !

So this was the first part of my summing up for now – Tomorrow will come the next trying what I want to make up of my new life now and what kind of plans I may have for the time to until we reach the point Zero.

I do hope you will enjoy these stories of my contemporary life. In Love and Light Yours Contramary/Contramimi

Flowers (Roses) of my Life

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