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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Refrain from asking: “What is the meaning?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great blessing?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great tragedy?”

The meaning is Life. The meaning is variable: This is how you saw this episode at this moment in this imagined place and time.

Later on, you may see a different meaning. Beloveds, why do you have to know? An inquiring mind is not always a blessed mind.

Whatever you learn from an experience, you learned it. What you make of it is another thing. Anyway, the experience is past. You don’t have to grasp the experience tightly between your teeth. Let the past go also means to let go of your having to find a meaning in it. The meaning is it happened once upon a time. You grew from it to a certain measure, whether you can identify the…

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