Be Not a Gangster in Terms of Life, Beloveds | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloveds, analyzing is not always in your best interest. Remember heart over mind. It is in your heart that Life occurs. Any appraisal is an afterthought. Your appraisal – your surgery, if you will — is often not in your best interest.

Live Life and move on to the next bend in the road.

Life is not something to calculate in retrospect. If you spend time in your canoe paddling backwards – where does that take you?

Dear Ones, most of My Children on Earth carry the idea that Life is obligated to serve you, the individual, in the manner in which you would like. You want what you want. Naturally, you do, yet be wary of the concepts of anticipation and expectation.

Expectation can be bossy. Anticipation paints a picture you would like and admire. Expectation is pushy. Expectation demands. Expectation is a gangster’s approach. The gangster…

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