Sarah Shiddian in Facebook: total acception of who we are individually……

Sarah Shiddian
taken from Facebook

Total acceptation of who we are individually and of our lifestyle is crucial at this point.

Please consider the following. If it is happening to me then it has to be happening to a lot of people now.

The energies are lifting us, both spiritually and emotionally. They are calling our attention (not our focus!) to what we feel are facets that need to evolve. We feel deeply about some parts in us that we are not so proud of, albeit a distorted vision of what is really going on.

Understand that there is no shame in all of this. Our consciousness has been raising and raising and we may be feeling like our lives have less and less meaning “as they are”. That somehow we are not “growing” fast enough and we still have a lot of work in front of us.

As we go through this phase, it is very important to know that everyone on the ascension path is feeling the same, at different levels of awareness. Because we know there is something higher and better and different. We are simply not there yet. Our individual lives are what they are and knowing that people around us are going through the same then we are not trying to compare ourselves and it is us with us and them with them.

Feeling that we can BE better, DO better and FEEL better at the present time, no matter how hard we have worked already on ourselves and how confident we have been BEFORE this phase is only but the confirmation of our being at the next stage our soul has been guiding us to and our consciousness has brought the desire in us to be where we want to be.

THERE IS NO TURNING BACK! And there are no more STOP signs but the ones we visualize (not feel) as necessary.

The battle with ourselves needs to end if we want to see any type of battle around us end. As long as we keep fighting something inside of us we will find something or someone to blame on the outside.

We are GOOD enough, we are STRONG enough, and we are THERE enough already if we will just accept where we are.

Remember. At some point we will know how other people feel without asking, without words. So the feelings of wanting to be more and better are simply a precursor to that. It is all good. A good sign.

We ALL have things we can change for the better and we are all working on it.

We are acceptable the way we are and so are our neighbors and beloved ones.

May peace be with us all.

– Sarah Shiddian