When You Reach the Shores of Infinity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

No longer are you on a hunt for your Lion’s Share of Life. As you have been hunting in Life, you have pondered what you were looking for. When you do find what you may be grasping, it may fall to dust in your hands. What you get may not be what you really wanted after all. It isn’t enough. You may discover that nothing matters as much as it was supposed to. You may have bet on the wrong horse. You may have barked up the wrong tree.

You never even found the tantalizing illusion you were seeking. You didn’t get there. In its lack, time prevented you.

Either way, it is the same. You open up your fist and you are holding nothing in your hand.

What you thought would bring you lasting happiness may not have brought you any happiness at all. Once you’ve caught…

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