Happiness is a State of Mind

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

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I not so long ago had someone who is familiar with the financial and relationship difficulties I have faced in the Philippines tell me that there is “no way” I could be happy here.  I felt so sorry for them because I knew they really did not know what happiness is.

Happiness is a state of mind.  It comes from finding the simple joys and pleasures of life even in difficult times.  It is not a matter of having everything go smoothly and great in life, it is a matter of just knowing that despite the challenges that life throws at us and sometimes the results of less then ideal decisions that we make, we still can find within a state of being whereby we are “happy”.   It doesn’t mean the difficulties have gone away nor does it mean we have overcome every obstacle, but…

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About Davati

Photographer and writer and living my life the Philippines will be focused on the living, learning, relationships, spirituality, contemplation, photography and writing. The feeling is that this is a place that would encourage my own spiritual and creative growth is significant. Life doesn't have to make sense. It just needs to be lived and enjoyed.

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