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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

For what reason would you, My Child, wander far afield? All the Green Pastures I offer to you — partake of these, My Offerings to you. Drink deep. Aspire and fulfill. What can hold you back but a little hiccup within you?

I give you all the Majesty that exists on Heaven and Earth. Do you really turn your nose up in the air as if to say that I hide treats from you? There cannot be more in Heaven or on Earth than I hold out to you now with My Arms Wide-Open. I do not withhold any good-hearted Beauty from you. I pour out all the Treasures of the Kingdom to you. I am not stingy. I offer all treasures to you.

Avail yourself of what I give. All the treasures are yours. Come to the waters to drink and then drink more. I fill up…

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