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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

There is a moment of no thought. No thought is where the Heart of Life discovers or uncovers itself, or, We could say, gets past itself. At this non-time, there is no existent time. There is no ego dancing around. You are at these non-times spot on, assuredly sans time.

For general purposes, when you are above thought — or is it when you are beneath thought or out of thought — who can say? — no one on Earth can speak for you beyond a doubt to establish that you are solidly in Infinity. I, however, do say this to you without a doubt.

Beloveds, in Infinity, there are no seat-backs to lean against. When you are in Infinity, you are nowhere else even when you may be without your cognizance of this in your daily life.

When you are in Infinity, you just…

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