The Most Important Part of Life is the Journey

Love the journey of your life. It is without beginning or end.

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

_1010763-Edit Fisherman on his Journey of Life – Subic Bay Philippines.  

Have your ever noticed how often people are fixated on getting to destinations in life?  How often they say use the “when” word.  When I get to this  point?  When I have this or that?  When I meet this or that person?

Life and spiritual growth are not about destinations.  It is all about the journey.  There is no point of enlightenment.  No moment of perfect realization.  No “When I get to this place or this understanding then I will be done”.

You were created perfectly in the image and likeness of God, creative source.  You are on a journey that never ends and it is called life and self expression.  There are no degrees, no graduation ceremonies.  Maybe for some a few landmark moments when they have pushed beyond a particular limit, but the journey continues.  You are…

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