Living in the Light

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

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Living in the light! Sharing the light!  Let your light shine?  What does all that mean?

As a former trained professional photographer we had to learn to understand the scientific and effective nature of light.   First off let me say that there is no place there is NOT light.  It is never a matter of light or no light.  It is a matter of understanding the nature of light and energy.  The whole of the universe is energy.   Despite some speculations otherwise, there is no place where energy/light does not exist.  There is no place where energy does not exist.  There is no place where creator/creative source does not exist.  There is NO NOTHING!   Human mind has formed itself around the the concept of opposites.  If this, then that.  It is probably one of the most erroneous concepts of human thinking.   It…

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