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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Of all the contents of the world exists Oneness. This is as simple as pie.

There is a whole lot of palaver that goes on in the world, and it is all much ado about nothing. It is understood that all departures from Oneness are big stuff to you and big to the whole world.

What really matters is the Quiet State of Oneness. Oneness counts. Disparity, not so much. Life can get out of proportion here and there, now and then.

Until your final day on Earth, you are filled up with occurrences and events of great multitude. You fill yourself with excitation often noted as inconvenience of one kind or another. What a world!

Your Life does not have to be filled up so high and wide with so many ins and outs. Life occurs, yes, yet what occurs doesn’t have to take up all the…

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