Stay in your Heart and discern

taken from Facebook Hilda van ser Laan
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Hi everyone,Keeping it simple!Sometimes ,after reading certain artciles I am triggered to write my ndings and always try to keep it simple for many to understand.I do not like commenting on other peoples mission/writings,ut I like to share info and share how to discern ,using your own ody as an instrument of truth/ove to raise the virations of mother earth. “he gloal leyline participants know we are a conductor of source energies.”he sun is a satellite of the source and a stargate through which source energy #ows into this planetary system.”he organic cristalline wormholes connecting stargate to stargate.$gyptian %&’ spiral%&’ ($S)&'”$S ‘” %IS”‘&*$,+) ‘($ ‘ *($'”)(-)ur outer sun and the sun of hollow earth resonate at distance.”heir waves of vitraion seek eachother through the law of attraction’likes atrract!”hese waves of energy #ow through us.”he downwards spiral coming in through thecrown chakra,provided y the sun and the upwards spiral coming in through the feet chakrase0tended root chakra1 provided y the sun of hollow earth.”hese 2 spirals meet eachother in the heartspace and enlighten your diamond praticle.”his energy #ows through your cristalline meridiansystem towards all cells in your ody and elightens the same material in the centre of everycellsource materialpure love light around which the atoms circle,like a miniature solar system.ike planets around the sun.Source,the suns,the diamond particle in your heartspace,%&’,the light in the centre of every cell and the content of the arc of the covenant are all )&$ and the same material.*onductors of source ightStargates,vorte0es,3iramids,)elisks,wormholes,cristalline leylines and your meridian and chakra system.’ll organic cristallinestardust1 and the onlysustance through which source light can e transported at lighspeed.‘(* )4 “H$ *)5$&’&” “he divine mother decided a long time ago that she will give part of her energy to the human race, when the time is right. So many times the ‘rc of *onvent was on earth for uilding up society of highly evolved eings like theemuria, the ‘tlantien and the Irish *ivili6ation. It was also in $gypt and was
needed to uild the 3yramids. +ou have to know that the 3yramids were uilt y humans ut the stones were moved y the force of mind. 7ith help of levitation they were ale to move the stones and uild the pyramids. “he used the energy from the ‘rc of *onvent to produce the thought energy to move the heavy stones around. “his ‘rc of *onvent was then rought away through the goodness ISIS to ‘valon. ‘valon has e0isted for many thousands of years efore ‘tlantis or $gypt and is not in the same time and space dimension we or the time of ‘tlantis or $gypt where.‘tlantis was then in#uenced y some dark force and with the help of the ‘rc of *onvent the grids on earth were staili6ed and so they could prevent the destruction of earth. “he ‘rchangel 8etaron with many others, then installed a very important grid, you all are using in the meditation through the ley line pro9ect”he dragon (ose lineHow the energy grid functions when all distortions are removed.Source energy coming in through the stargates,piramids and vorte0es from higher dimensions.”his is a vertical alignmentoth spirals from the sun and the sun of hollow earth connecting ‘I:&$% “) S)(*$/)5$.”hese energieshori6ontally #ood the leylines and reach everything in e0istance,ecause everthing is connected to source.Humans can consiously connected to this cristalline grid when consiously connecting,when you know how energy #ows through the universe and through the eleylines towards you,coming up through your feet and into your crown chakra,enlightening the diamond partcile within your source of wisdomyour heartspace.7e feel rst and then act/think and then use your vitraions/voice as an e0pression of love.3ure source light is devidedas a prisma e;ect over the rainow withinyour chakra system/meridiansystem.7hen we use our chakrasystem as an e0pression of love we stay aligned to source,then we pro9ect outwardly through the etherelement air1 and reach everything in e0istance.)ur pineal gland is a cristallinetransmitter and receiver and is connected to the leylines,to see withyour inner eye and feelheart1 what the universe or mother earth is telling you,depending to who or what you consiously connect using your imaginationpinealgland1.7hen we ecome more telepathic and consiously connect using our imaginationpineal gland1waves of energy #ow through theether ‘&% the leylines towards that person/o9ect.”he waves reach for instance a person and come into his head as an idealight/code/knowing1.”his happens all the time to people,they 9ust think it<s a co=ncidencethinking of eachother at the same time.”his unconsiousnessknowing will come more to the forefrontdominant1 when all virational
distortions are removed.Source energy also reaches the cristalline transmittersoelisks which are alos uilt on vorte0es.)elisks transmit cristalline codes through the ether,enacting perfect torodial leds. “H$ S&S ‘($ ($$’SI&: S)(*$ $&$(:I$S “) ‘7’K$&$& “H$ *)%$S )4  “H$ HI:H$( “$’*HI&:S.7hy are many laments not earth directed>> “he sun is a satellite of the source/goo1d,it feels what is needed and knows/feels all it<s creations ecause the sources energy is within everything that e0ists and within us.It also feels when planets can energetcially take the ne0t upload to awakenen the codes of the higher dimensions/knowing or what you call the ne0t step in evolution and towards eing a full enlightened eing3hysical angel all codes/dna open.8any planets have archieved to raisethe viration towards ascension.$arth has een ?uarantainedshutdown stargateshe1avensgates1, @ecause of this shutdown this lowvirating matri0could not copy codes into other dimensions through the wormholes connecting the stargates.’s many have seen the sun is releasing #ares towards other planets.’ll planets are connected y cristalline wormholes,like the cells of our ody are connected y our cristalline meridiansystem)&$ and the same sharing light/love.”he planets Surrounding us are keeping gaia in an energetic hold,feeling eachother and sharing energy/)5$ where is needed.)nes lifts the other up in viration.$arth is also surrounded y spaceships doing the same thing.Keeping us in alance and preventing eruptions and measuring out how much energy we can take for the ne0t step/opening codes/knowing. “H$ *’@’ ‘&% :$”“I&: S )” )4 “H$ H$'(“*)&&$*”I)&/”(”H/’I:&8$&” ‘&% 8ISS$% “H$ 3)7$( )4 )( 8I&%S/3I&$’ :’&%. “he dark ones have een doing their est for eons of time to get you out of the heartconnection.7hen we are in vertical alignment to the cristalline grid we ecome an e0pression of source and use our powerful creator<s powers,these virations spread through the ether and awakenen the same codes in everything these virations impact.hearts connecting to eachother hori6ontally through the ether forming the #ower of life, “H$($ IS &) A%:$8$&” %’+ +ou are a creator of you own reality.+ou have source power within and you are the only one who can change.”he feeling of lack of light in certain chakras have een given a nameanger,hate,paranoide etc.7e all have to