No Beginning. No End



Life!  It is a journey.  A journey without beginning or end.  Our existence did not begin with our birth into this physical world we call Earth.  Your energy, my energy has been around for … well for a very long time.  In fact our spiritual energy is timeless.  But our consciousness and physical being is something that people tend to try to measure in what the human brain refers to as time.

Your energy is part of creative source (whatever you want to name it) and has always been.  Your associated spiritual awareness is only slightly newer, relatively speaking.   However your soul consciousness within the earth, it may seem to be however many years of age you refer to your body as, but in reality even that is much,  much older.  The human brain/mind begs for reference points, numbers and names of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.  But even those are not quite real.  Just reference points for a linear conscious mind to help it make order out of something it can not understand.

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  1. David this is a wonderful script- but to “read more”is not possible -I always get a blank wordpress page-would love to read all of it. Love and Light from one infinite being to another !

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