Thank You, Rainmakers! It Rained in Florida!

Thank You, Rainmakers! It Rained in Florida!Dear Rainmakers, thank you for your meditations! Weather forecasters are reporting that several inches of rain fell on Sunday in Florida! Records were broken in South Florida. Meteorologists are saying it was the wettest day of the year! More than 4 inches were reported in Palm Beach and Martin counties, and almost as  much in other […] click on picture for original

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2 thoughts on “Thank You, Rainmakers! It Rained in Florida!

  1. Yep, it sure did rain and rain and rain. Blessed heavenly waters! Assistance from the elementals and your prayers.

  2. Yes, let us thank from deep our hearts to the elementals and the celestials for hearing our ,meditations andlet it rain……Thanks to all who had been participating ! Contramimi

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