Reval Procedure Updated



Reval Procedure UpdatedThe change in information between the last Reval post and this one is that it’s alright to communicate the first 800 number; just not the second, which also serves as your own personal ID exchange number. That change frees us on the blog to post the first Reval 800 number when it comes in. Our […] click on picture for original

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2 thoughts on “Reval Procedure Updated

  1. Hi Steve I tryed to sign up to the link provided, but there is nowhere there to sign up or to even contact anyone, I feel powerless to do anything, I guess your information is for only a select few. Good luck I hope you all come through, the rest of us will just have to wait till then. Chris.

    • I reply to you because this blog is in my view the wrong location to remonstrate to Steve Beckow as I reblogged this post from his blog Golden Gate of Gaia just for all those friends who would like to know about this reval. Regards Contramimi

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