Video and Transcript – Jesus’ 2017 Easter Message: Set a Place for Me

Jesus’ 2017 Easter Message: Set A Place For Me
April 16, 2017

On our Saturday Conference Call, Jesus stepped forward to discuss things in the past and what to look forward to in the future: “There is always a great deal of discussion about whether I truly died and whether I truly resurrected. And the answer to both is yes, I did. And in dying I gave you the gift of karmic dispensation…”

Title: Jesus’ Easter Message: Set a Place For Me

Being: Jesus

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call 041517

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin, during this miraculous time of death and rebirth, resurrection, reconstitution, with breathing the wonderful, vibrant purple. It’s that liturgical purple of Easter; that brilliant, bright purple. So, take a nice deep breath and it seems of late the most important guidance we are receiving from our guides and from the Council of Love is to breathe.

So, let’s just start by breathing, by relaxing into your chair or wherever you are and just be aware of your breathing. Bring it down into your diaphragm…no shallow breathing…really deep through your nose, holding it for a sec, and then out through your mouth.

The Council is showing me the most beautiful parade, like an Easter parade, only in this case it’s bunnies and it’s bunnies carrying Easter eggs…now how that ever got mixed up with chicken and eggs, god only knows…but there’s a parade of bunnies and they are carrying these purple eggs, these bright yellow eggs, these bright, sickening, sugar pink eggs, some pale blue robins’ eggs…

Let’s start with the purple, open your crown, open your third and fourth and fifth eye…and you remember your fifth eye is at your hairline and it is the color of tanzanite, and it is the gift from Universal Mother Mary, to be able to see with Her eyes. So, from your brow to your hairline…one big eye…and let’s watch the parade and breathe purple. That purple of woodland violets and Siberian Iris, of amethyst, bright shiny Easter purple, and taste it. Bring it up a notch to magenta, to that beautiful wine port color, to maroon, to that beautiful garnet color, chrysanthemums, a good red wine, the color of our beloved Jesus, Lord Maitreya, and the Buddha, and breathe in and taste that magenta.

Bring it up to the sunshine yellow, the daffodil yellow. Put your hand on your solar plexus and feel that beautiful daffodil blooming inside of you. The herald of spring reminding us of Gabrielle’s horn, the brilliance of joy

Up to the pink, those beautiful defenders of the throne, to pink jelly beans and a sweetheart rose, of a baby’s blanket and the blush on their cheeks when they’re sleeping.

And the robin’s egg blue, that gentle wash of blue, of a sky after a summer rain, the Caribbean, the water of the robin’s egg.

Welcome into your heart this time of rebirth, this time of resurrection, of new chapters, new adventures, new times, the fulfillment of your hearts desires – which is the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream and your dream within that dream. Go into your heart and feel the connection with Gaia as well…drop down…as she reawakens, as the fields and the trees, and the birds and the bunnies all begin a new season.

Go deeper into your heart…what is your deepest desire to bring forth, to birth, to experience and express during this next season? Be honest with yourself; this isn’t about wishing for world peace…that will come from internal peace, the deep knowing of your truth. How does your choice of Divine Qualities express as a tangible, physical thing in your life? Dig deeper and bring it up, bring that wish and desire up to your throat, up to the place of change. Allow your throat chakra to do its work.

Now, open your mouth, open your mouth and breathe out your dream, your tangible, physical dream. Be the wind and blow it out…send it out into the world. And with your third, fourth, and fifth eyes wide open, look at that dream external, out in the world and taking form, and allow it to do so. This is your power and one of your ways of creating.


Greetings, I am Jesus. I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ. I AM. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome my beloved brothers and sisters. Welcome to my heart, welcome to my home. Come and walk with me again and again and again; I have not stopped asking you. And I ask you to continue to set a place for me at your table, at your feast of life, at your feast of love, to include me in your plans, your dreams, your desires, and in what you do every single day.

Yes, I have the capacity to be with you in fullness and with billions of others, all simultaneously. You do not simply get a portion of me, you receive the fullness of who I am, in every sense of that word.

I come to you during this time of the gap, during this time of the pause, during this time of the stillpoint, to speak to you about stillpoint and creation and to guide and advise and invite each of you to prepare for what lies ahead. No, not in a way of drama or hardship, not in a way of storing food for years on end…that is absurd. Do you not desire the freshness of fruit and vegetables, the scent of what is just pulled from Gaia, the ground? Do you not wish to trust, not only that you are attended to but that you have the capacity, the brilliance, the talent, and the common sense to attend to yourself, to your family, to your friends, to your community? Of course you do.

There is always a great deal of discussion, which I find rather interesting and sometimes humorous, about whether I truly died and whether I truly resurrected. And the answer to both is yes, I did. And in dying I gave you the gift of karmic dispensation. That is what I have done, I have wiped the slate clean for a fresh start and I give it to you again and again and again and I give it to you again today. And I ask you, I beg you, take advantage of this because why would you wish to carry the burden of debt? And why would you wish to carry the burden of debt to you? You have enough to do…let it go and surrender to the purity, not only of yourself but to all relationships.

When you come to interrelationship with all beings that you meet, whether you know them, whether there is any meeting or commonality of beliefs or interests, there has need to be a purity that says, “I see you. I know you. I honor you. We may not walk the same path, we may not have the same interests, but I honor your path and I honor the freedom that all beings, in all realms, dimensions, universes have. Sometimes we will walk together and sometimes you will have a completely different path…and that matters not…because all is in accordance with the Mother’s Plan. So, I do not judge you, I honor you.”

But let us talk about this time in-between, what you think of as death and resurrection, and why my message to you this day is to take this time of pause and gap to prepare for what lies ahead. It is glorious, it is magnificent, it is splendor, it is fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream and it is fulfillment of your freedom and promise, as a human being, as an angel, starseed, hybrid in form. You are the fulfillment. Without you coming into the splendor and wonder and fulfillment of who you are, there is no fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream. You are the implementers of the Plan. You are the holders of what is to come.

And so, in this breath, in this inbreath, what you are doing is bringing in the Mother, the Father, the One, conjoining it with yourself and preparing, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, that you are ready…not merely in readiness, which is what you have been in the last phase of doing…but that you are ready to step forth in beauty, in truth, in clarity and calm. To be the truth of angels in form, being love in form having a human experience of physicality; being part of the restoration of this planet and I do not simply mean the soil, the water, the air. I mean the Plan, the purity, the dance, the wonder, the awe of being in form in peace, in harmony, in laughter.

Harmony, unity, is not just quiet or peaceful. It is not sitting on a rocking chair at the end of your life, it is raucous, it is playful, it is exciting, it is exhilarating. Yes, there were times when we would retreat to the garden and pray and meditate. But that was far from all we did; we would sit around a table or a rock and break bread and tell jokes and laugh and catch up on the news of the day…who was pregnant, who had the baby, who’s mother-in-law was making mayhem, and we would laugh, and we would offer compassion and we would share the love.

That is what I am asking you to do and to be ready to do it…not at some distant future when all is in order. You are the creators, the bringers, the anchors of order. You are the anchors and the bringers of freedom. You are the fulfillment of my dream.

I will come and I will join you and we will resurrect together and bring new life, new form, new promise, new tangibility to this beautiful planet. And we will do it hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart as the brothers and sisters that we are. So, prepare and laugh and breathe. I am with you, I always have been and I always will be. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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