Planning a Trip to Faraway Lands Together | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You don’t have to pray to Me, you know. You can just mull over your seemingly separate existence with Me, and We, you and I, can talk One to One. Let’s bounce off each other. Let’s explore Life together as if We are planning a trip to faraway lands together.

The Truth is that We are not even a hop, skip, or jump away from each other. We are each other! We are more than that. We zig and zag together in sync. We are always communing. I whisper in your ear, and you whisper in Mine. We are transported. We fly high. We take each other’s pulse.

Words are not enough. There are higher realms than Words. Words tickle Our fancies. They are a medium to hang onto and to let go of. Sometimes you refrain from words, and other times you paint Life with them. Sometimes…

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