Between the BLOG and the BLOGGER, who’s who?


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About two weekends ago, our small ‘self-contained’ town had a power outage! With constant assurances from electricity engineers that it was a small matter which would be fixed ‘any moment from now’ and the fact that the unusual outage caught us unprepared, we had to sit out the ‘small matter’!
By the time power was restored, ‘any moment from now’ lasted from Friday morning to Monday evening! This was a record down time and frustrating blogging leave! Mobile devices just wouldn’t serve well. In any case one had to go slow with the devices so as to conserve battery power for calls and other basic services! Tempers rose and things really came to a head by Sunday evening!
At one point, I calmed my nerves, paused and asked myself: Why am I fretting and fussing about not meeting the weekend posting schedule; not being able to reach…

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