Heavenletter #5968 Get Off the Couch, March 28, 2017

Heavenletter #5968 Get Off the Couch, March 28, 2017

God said:
Beloveds, if you use half My suggestions, you will be heads and heels ahead. You will knowingly thrive. You will use gobs more of your potential and less over-thinking.

As it is, likely you start from a certain dogged approach to Life. You learned to see Life in a certain way. In many instances, the way you learned to think is not in your best interest. There are other ways to think. Go ahead, gain a new slant on Life in the world.

The Life on Earth before you isn’t guaranteed to be a certain way. There is no guarantee that your Life will be a piece of cake. On the other hand, Oneness is 100% guaranteed. Infinity is guaranteed. Your Life will be worth it.

Change your thoughts, and you will make a difference to your Life on Earth, this Life on Earth you live right now. Right now you are passing through Life every which way. You are on, and you are off, and you may not always know which. Do not be so quick rejecting opportunities that Life offers you.

I also say that you are where you are supposed to be. I will point out, however, that you may have a long learning curve. You may think too long and too hard. Whether your thoughts are deliberated or spontaneous, either way, after the fact, there are alternatives that you see that you might wish you had chosen before if only you had thought of them, true?

Meanwhile, I ask you to not to look back. Your Life right now is what matters. It matters tremendously to you. It matters to those around you whether they know this or not. It matters to those far away from you. Just as the air you breathe has been everywhere in the far-flung Universe – this is the very air you are breathing this moment — just so, the furthermost parts of the Earth are breathing in your thoughts.

Let a dream rise, and it can be realized.

If you have led an unhappy Life – many would raise their hands now – you can change that. You can lead a happy Life. The outside does not have to change. You can live in the same house with the same people, and all your life and theirs can change because of your new thoughts and influence. Little by little, and you are ahead.

With a change in your perspective, what makes you unhappy now does not have to make you unhappy tomorrow. Give up trying to change the outside of others. Change how you look at supposed others. As you see differently, that which appears before you, is changed. This change in you doesn’t come from effort. Goodness knows, you have been trying hard for a long time. The change comes from a change within you.

Now let go. Forget that which you once considered the causes of your unhappiness. Change 1% of your outlook today. Tomorrow change another per cent. I am telling you, dear human Beings, to get new glasses. How you see is powerful.

You know there are people who live in great mansions. They have no financial worries. They may have fame and fortune and everything you would like. All that you think will make you happy may make you happy for a while. You like the new, and, you want changes to arise from outside, and, yet, in the long run, not much in the world is as momentous as it is cracked up to be. The people who live in the big mansions may not even be as happy as you are right now. Allow your happiness now.

Get off the couch.

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