Taken from Facebook March 16, 2017

Dear star lovers, Many ask us, “what causes blockages in one or more of the seven chakras, and how do I clear these lower energies out?” Here is our answer and what we will work on, in a powerful, freeing, private session: “The causes are energetic imprints buried deep within the subconscious mind from childhood or past-incarnation trauma, abuse, a learned restrictive belief system, emotional injuries that haven’t been forgiven or just lack of attention can cause a chakra to shut down. Tension builds up at one of the chakras from repeated denial, guilt, repression and unexpressed emotions. Eventually, everything is affected from posture, metabolism, breathing, and emotional state. Disease in the body is caused by chronically repeated blocked pranic energy.” pranic energy is literally the life-force of the physical body! This energy is called, simply, body-life! If it is depleted by being stolen, wasted, mis-used, etc…, the physical body will become diseased and will die.

A certain discipline of focused inner work is required to clear out all trapped energies in the body, which will completely stop one’s ascension process! This inner work can be achieved without a guide but the self-sabotaging and over-protective ego which is designed to keep one from facing the trapped inner trauma energy will go overboard to make sure you avoid the matter completely no matter how much intention you have to heal it! This inner work is 100% required by every being on planet earth no matter what vibrational level they are currently in to be able to become free from the bounds of the earth and for the being to achieve any sort of enlightenment or awakening!

It is suggested by the masters that a guide assist you who knows the proper way up, through the higher realms. It is critical that you have a trusted guide (a real guardian angel) who can help you feel safe and courageous enough to face the shadow of fear and release it from the body once and for all! This is the work we do every day for many beings and we have seen the most miraculous healings and freedoms come from these sessions! Archangel Michael and Archaeia Faith are experts at locating this trapped energy in the body, seeing what chakra is blocked because of it and go on the journey with you to become present with it fully and to allow it to express what it came to say! After this, it has no more purpose and will leave the body at once! This process is referred to as transmutation of lower vibrations into light because the living energy mass is transformed into love by understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and it finally saying goodbye to it as it goes!

We hope you will come and sit with us via skype and trust us as angelic guides who will hold your hand in safety, and gently guide you through the entire process! This is only for those who are fully ready to let the pains of the past go so you may move into the higher realms of light while still in a physical body!

All of these old energies that no longer serve your soul cannot go with you into the next higher dimension and there is no way around not clearing it all out first! This is the great clearing of the path and critical for the evolution of your being! What we know for sure is this: If you will do the simple tasks we assign, life gets much better within days, good things come that never came, and the space where the energy was stored heals up quickly, along with any dis-ease or discomfort that came with it! Also after the release, newly-cleared space where the old energy was stored becomes immediately flooded with new streams of white magnetic light (god power and love) and the being transforms into a higher and better version of itself! The internal vibration of the body speeds up dramatically as the ions spin faster causing the being to become much more loving, attractive, younger, more at peace, happier and universal abundance starts to flow freely in everyday life!

We have seen many beings hold onto these old trauma energies for decades for different reasons and we give great honor to those who are ready to make peace with it all for the highest good of the soul!

1/2 of the ascension process is vibrating high, but you must do your inner work to clear out the old heavy energies that pull you down and cause pain and suffering. You cannot ascend with these slow vibrations still in the body, period! The universe will not allow low vibrations to pass through the veils of the higher realms!

If this healing and clearing and opening is something that you are serious about and truly desire, send your *fair energy exchange using by clicking the “book session now “button below and we will contact you right away to schedule your session.

Note: * $125.00 fair energy exchange is for our wisdom, abilities, and efforts, used for this life-changing, two-hour, personal guidance session. Your love gift allows us to continue doing the work we do for all humanity.

We are Michael and faith, master healers of the soul! Allow us transfer this knowledge and love directly into your being!

We guarantee, by universal law that you will be healed, but only if you do the simple tasks we give you to do! We love you divinely and we look forward to speaking with you!

God-speed and great love,

Archangel Michael and Archaeia Faith