Shanta Gabriel : The Equinox Anusthan

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Come and be nourished…

in our spiritual practice to honor Equinox and bring more Balance and Renewal into your life.

Does your inner fuel tank feel like it’s running on empty? Have you felt the need for renewal recently? Do you want to recharge your life?

In times like these, we all need to feel more Balance and be renewed with a sense of meaning that nourishes and empowers us. Equinox allows the world to be in harmony with Nature’s Balance. It is the perfect time to use that energy for recharging our spiritual batteries and renewing our lives.

Nowadays, Life is our Ashram and sometimes it is hard to get away to a place where we can recharge our batteries. However, we know that to feel happier and more inspired, we need to empower our highest soul’s reality and fill up on spiritual energy so there is more meaning and purpose in our daily lives.

One of the best ways to do that is with a dedicated spiritual practice for a specific period of time that raises your vibrational frequencies and brings you more life force and fortitude to lead your life.

It’s called an Anusthan.

This practice was given to me by my guru in 1978. In our Ashram, we would do this spiritual practice for very special occasions with great purpose and dedication. Though the concept may seem odd for Westerners, in the years since, an Anusthan has never failed but to uplift and strengthen my spirit.

Recently I came back from a trip to the Shivananda Yoga Ashram for Shiva Ratri and the New Moon eclipse weekend. A beautiful renewal of Love and Nourishment in my heart, with a new dedication to my Soul Purpose and work in the world, were the results. I realize that an ashram weekend away is not possible for everyone, but the fruits of a spiritual practice can provide us with that same feeling.

I offer this powerful quarterly group spiritual practice, so we can all recharge our spiritual batteries and gain a new sense of purpose and focus on our worldly lives. This devotional practice opened the doors to Love, Inspiration and Renewal for more than 100 people that joined in our January Anusthan. It need only take you 10 – 30 minutes per day in your busy life, but the rewards will continue long after it is over.


Our Equinox Anusthan

It is my pleasure to invite you to join our group of dedicated heart-centered people for this important individualized spiritual practice.

Be nourished in this sacred gathering from March 15 through March 25 to celebrate Equinox by anchoring Balance and Renewal into our lives and on to the Earth in a special empowering group spiritual practice.

You don’t need to participate in all 11 days, but you can make it work for you by dedicating 3 or 5 or 7 days, in any way that works best. It’s your spiritual practice!

A renewed sense of purpose and filling a deep well of loving energy is my intention for all of us involved in this practice. We are bringing a focus to your life that is very inspiring and will nourish and recharge you for the time ahead.

Equinox Anusthan BookletWhen you register, you will receive a beautiful Equinox Anusthan booklet with all the guidelines for your practice. There are affirmations, prayers, mantras and simple spiritual tools to enhance your life.

During the 11 days, you will receive a message from Archangel Gabriel every day, and a little check-in note from me about the effects of the Anusthan I have noticed. Everyone is usually having their version of the same energy I am experiencing in beautiful synchronous ways.

There is no charge for this spiritual practice, though I am asking for a love offering for the technical support to make it happen. You can choose your level of support.

“Blessings and so many thanks for the incredible Anusthan and the beautiful full moon prayers and ceremony. May you be blessed 1000 x 1000 fold for all the incredible beauty that you and your work brings to creation!”

“Shanta, thanks again for all the multidimensional networking you do. This Anusthan series and your daily messages have been exceptional.”

“This practice of Anusthan has brought me so much, I truly feel grounded, connected and in alignment with my Highest Self, with my destiny supported by Heaven and nurtured by the Earth. My wish is to be an instrument of God, to embody Love manifested in Grace through Compassion.”

Register for the Equinox Anusthan here

Many blessings,

Shanta Gabriel