Early Bird Pricing Extended to March 6 – Don´t Miss Out!

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
March 5, 2017

Divine Light is waiting for you to command its form into being! Archangel Gabriel

Join us for The Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program

Through the teachings of the Archangels, you can use intentional Light Fields to create your most empowered future as you learn to navigate the new dimensions.

This new Study Program empowers you to more easily grow with humanity’s evolution to a new heart-centered 5-D Consciousness. I would love to have you join us so you can learn simple techniques to create a more graceful transition into these magical new dimensions.

Since 2012 most people have been experiencing upheaval, suffering and a sense of loss as the old falls away to make room for the new paradigm. Obviously the way we have related to the world does not work anymore. For this reason, Archangel Gabriel introduced The Secrets of Light Field Technology.

I invite you to join us using the new format for The Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program. In this format you are able to learn and practice the tools offered in your own timing and use the live conferences for Q&A. These powerful energetic practices from the Archangels will retrain and rewire your energy system as you bring Heaven to Earth through your physical body.

Bring a friend to class so you have someone to practice with, and when they register, you each can receive the early bird price to March 15!

“When I consciously engage the tools & practices you share, I see amazing results! Blockages dissolve, pathways open and whatever I’m trying to accomplish seems to self-assemble in ways I could never conjure on my own.”

Light is the force of all Creation.
When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic.

~ Archangel Gabriel

Join us and discover this magic for yourself.

Blessings of Divine Light,

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