A short Transmission of LOVE from Lady Nada: “You Are the Light of the World” ~ Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ February 27, 2017

Our Emerging Divinity


AUDIO: ladynada2-27-17lightofworld

“Dear Beloveds, I AM Lady Nada. I come to you with Infinite LOVE and Infinite Blessings, to all who are receiving this Light Transmission Now.

There is great transformation in this world now, in your world, in your inner world, as reflected in your outer world, and all who abide by their Hearts are swept into this beautiful peaceful state of being, held in place by Divine Love.

Divine Love is the marker and the ‘Light-house’ way of knowing who you are and what you bestow upon the world. Nothing can dissolve the beautiful Loving Heart of your Being. Breathe it into your Being, and without you, all through the dimensions and spheres of being.

Beloveds, stay within your Heart, and know that you are embarking on your True Path, always in Divine Love and Bliss, sharing it with others.

Beloveds, embrace your Divine Heart, now and…

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