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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

There is no law that says you must be thrown by what occurs in Life. Will you confess that what upsets your experience may be extreme? No matter how you may genuinely feel about someone else’s misinterpretation and offense, confess that you are not the fire department who must put out a fire. Why must your alarm go off?

Okay, sometimes Life is upsetting. Now direct your attention to letting the upset cool down. In a calmer setting, more settled, how would you handle the situation now?

Honestly, you had a knee-jerk reaction. Somehow, a situation or something someone said, set you off. It got your dander up. Something from the past, no doubt. Perhaps something from the past that you have no conscious recollection of.

If you did not feel agitated, how might you respond?

Here’s what you can do the next time you feel disturbed by…

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