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Taken from Facebook Feb.,23, 2017

Lightworkers on the Ascension timeline are going through the initiation of their Monadic integration, which is when the Oversoul Identity begins to start to merging with your personality/physical identity.

(The Oversoul is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels) This also can feel strange. It can be experienced very forcefully in its strength as it is merging with your body, producing great energetic surging and the need for long hours of sleep or napping.
This process also brings to the surface, as if in a deep purging, many items all at once that were embedded in your cellular energetic matrix that need repair work and re-templating. Holographic memory bits may start to play out in your consciousness, and it may be a strange feeling like sleepwalking while in 3D or watching your life as if it’s a movie on a screen. This is common while your consciousness identity stations are getting used to their new “broadcast” and are in the process of merging with several identities into One. I have been referring to this state as the NEWLY BORN ASCENDED as you may feel like a newly born being in certain ways (What do I need to eat? How much do I need to sleep? What do I do during the day? What is my next level of creation or assignment? How am I being supported in all of this CHANGE?)

Return to the Rightful Owner Command

Many of us have been assigned new “spiritual or alchemical” soul relationships in order to work with reconfiguring the masculine energies inside of ourselves and healing the masculine body at this time. Due to recent positive developments with the Shield of Solomon overriding the planetary horizontal consciousness grid there has been a systematic release of Group Oversoul enslavement. It was revealed the Golden Eagle Grid harnessed consciousness power through the entrapment of various levels of human “spirit” bodies. At this time Guardians are releasing Monads that had been stapled to the Golden Eagle Grid, thereby trapping the consciousness from merging with their “rightful owner and human body”.

At this time many Monads that had been reversed or split from its original twin are now being reunited. (This is the beginning phases of the “Restoration” which is returning back God’s natural laws to the physical plane.) In fact the Guardians explain that in the returning to this planet the rightful laws – all Spirit bodies and their energies that have been misdirected, stolen or used by external controller forces in this last dark cycle – MUST be returned to the Rightful Owner as he/she claims their authority as God and as a sovereign eternal being. They have given us a sample language of which to claim our rightful sovereignty in God’s Natural Laws. Please feel free to utilize or share with all those you feel may benefit from this language.

In your mind or outloud as you feel guided, please repeat this command:

As the 12 D Avatar and the Light of God that I am, I cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide, in this timeline or in any reality, that were not in my highest alignment and expression of my Light Source in the Law of One. I terminate all false matrices, or illusions that may have obscured my highest God purpose and soul mission, from the past, present and future. I terminate redemptive vehicle and crucifixion contracts and their related phantom systems from impacting my consciousness and all of my 12 bodies. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities. Further I ask my Avatar to return all unity codes, fire letters, and the jewels, wings, energies and parts of bodies that have been misdirected or usurped and ask to return them NOW to the Rightful Owner in the name of Self Sovereignty herein stated and commanded into presence.
I invalidate the beings by commanding a full dissolution and dissolve them into the One Source-God Source Light through the Eternal Love of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness. Completely Heal and Seal my personal Auric Field from any further intrusion. Return all energies and essences that are in divine right order NOW. I call back NOW -All that is my self sovereign God power and right. I choose my perfection to stand in the Eternal Light and represent my full sovereignty and freedom for all human beings on this planet. I receive this Gift now as I will Share this Gift with ALL. All is One with the Light. I AM UNITY. Beloved God – Thank you!

Embodying The Monad

This gives us the bigger picture and an understanding of why embodying the monad right now is so important. There are two agendas happening simultaneously for 2012 and beyond. On one level there is a battle happening over the control of the souls here. The beings that are entrenched in the first three chakras are being subjected to more aggressive and more amounts of technology geared to break down the mental body.
The algorithms that create the binary process of the linear mind meaning, how our solar plexus projects impulses that our physical brain picks up, that process is being interrupted with static, harnesses and mind control. If a person is not in their own power, they will be influenced to either be possessed by consciousness entities or possessed by forces that they act out that they don’t understand. This is the agenda of the negative aliens who are continuing to be aggressive with these technologies.

As fragmented souls become more stressed out and engage in more negative behavior, at a certain point the body’s aura will include more percentage of that possessed dark energy. If a person is 49% light and 51% dark, that person will be sucked like a vacuum. A person that is primarily in fear or sick, they will get sucked down like a magnetic pull and it will cause that person to fragment. Their soul and seed atom will shatter. This is the metatronic black heart, which is essentially a reversal monad pulled down into a phantom system. The controllers want to destroy the actual crystal seed atom and have it be disconnected from the body. By doing this, they create an automaton, which is a body that is human but is not animated by any kind of soul , only a finite life force.

Simultaneously to that, there are those of us that are in the light warrior family or the galactic family starting to embody new levels of our spirit bodies that are starting to be returned to us (the monad) and with that god technology and consciousness technology we are learning new ways to work with the technology and some of that has required new levels of dark arts training.

We are attempting to embody as much of our monadic consciousness and activate the seed atom. As we activate the seed atom, we activate and change the pulse rhythm in the grid on the planet. So many areas of the planetary grid are damaged, so they are going in reversals patterns. If we can hold this base pulse rhythm, we create a circumference in an area where we can literally create a safe zone. We are being asked to create a safe zone by Guardian contacts. If we can embody this, we create a safe zone on the planet. The more of us that do this, the more safe zones we are going to have. More people are going to have the opportunity to be able to pick up the code they need and not get sucked down into the controllers system where their seed atom could get shattered.

We must embody this consciousness and architecture and hold it in our location. Our location is never an accident. This is our assignment meaning where we are, where we are holding it is where we need to anchor it down.

We seem to have a goal to get a lot of this done by 2011 and ongoing. We are trying to meet a goal of a certain threshold of healing by November 11, 2011, which is 11/11/11. At strange at it may sound, bodies are freed now and we need to get them to their rightful owner.

Here is an explanation of the changes and adjustments that are happening in our bodies as the monad comes in and the Christ seed gets activated:

“There are multidimensional centers in the body that are called flame access points and they control the neurological processes in the physical body and also adjust the brain nervous system. As the body undergoes adjustments in the heart chakra, I am understanding that particular part of the bio computer which is controlled by the monad. So this is the nervous system adjustment that is controlling the currents that work with the pulsation on the heart rhythm. And then there is the heart rhythm axiatonal line upgrade in the center of the chest and heart. The flame access points work with a part of the architecture on the heart chakra where these points come out of the heart and are a part of breathing the zero point.

We the starseeded ones are working with biological prototyping and we hold these certain levels of architecture. The holding of the Mother Arc is that 13th dimensional frequency which has to do with the universal monad and the dimensional 13 monad frequency of the Mother Arc. Generally I note that the monadic core is the 8th dimensional chakra in the thymus area where this starts to open up and the crystalline structure of the heart and its function starts changing. Layers 1-7 are planetary. 8th and above layers are off planet, galactic, multiple bodies that exist in other planets and star systems. The monadic 8th dimension and how it connects with the mother energy, changes biorhythms and certain chemicals that relate to the heart function.

The permanent seed atom or the Christ seed starts coming on line when the monad starts connecting to the body. Higher spirit body starts connecting to the body at the thymus level and starts adjusting the heart pattern. It causes change in hormones, endocrine, biorhythms like a domino effect when the monad starts coming on line.

The Egyptians knew that our endocrine system was responsible for secreting hormones and those hormones were responsible for our neurology being able to perceive other dimensions. The hormonal secretions change our neurochemistry and then align us to the broadcast to those particular windows of the soul.

The monad is the 7th, 8th and 9th layer but it starts connecting at the 8th chakra level which is the heart. When the monad starts coming in like this, the whole heart changes pattern meaning the heart chakra is no longer an astral heart, it is a blue heart. Your heart turns blue and the frequency coming through starts turning blue. They were showing me something new I have never seen before which is that blue connection to the turquoise of the mother. So the 8th dimension is a gold color but when the monad starts flowering in the heart and the heart starts to configure, it actually looks blue and they call this the living lotus. I call this galactivation.

When our heart is healed, there is a fire that is ignited inside the heart that is accessed and the fire in the heart is also in the kidneys. There is a triangle that connects the heart into the kidneys. The kidneys are in the base of the triangle from left to right and the point of the triangle is in the heart. When the heart is healed, there is a twin flame ignition in our heart and kidneys, which shifts the heart configuration. Twin flames = structure of light within the heart. So two flames ignite in the heart. The monad is the greater flame and the physical body is the lesser flame. When this flame is ignited, there is an ignition in the heart and a fire coming in to the kidneys.

How it impacts the 5th chakra, thyroid and parathyroid, glandular system, and secretions of the brain tell the brain how the heart and breathing rhythm work. It is a vast circulatory system including meridians, axiatonal lines, and the multiple levels of bodies of complexity working toward the physical embodiment of the Christ consciousness. This is about igniting the Christ consciousness eternal seed atom and bring that on line. The Monadic spark starts to connect to the seed atom, which is the Christ consciousness and our crystal body.

This is the seed that the controllers are attempting to crush or stop from flowering in the human population. They want to crush the permanent seed atom in the thymus, which is the 8th chakra, which is where the monad starts coming in and actually connecting in to the body.”

Monadic Integration http://ascensionglossary.com/ind…/File:Monadic_Evolution.png

Monadic Evolution

When the Oversoul Monad Identity begins to start merging with your Ego/Personality and physical identity. (The Oversoul Monad is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels.)

Monadic Integration = Divine Purpose

Many of us cannot manifest our divine purpose and destiny projects until this alignment and embodiment of our Oversoul or Monad transpires. Our divine and spiritual purpose is part and parcel of our divine consciousness and we cannot manifest purpose without our spirit intelligence embodied. Many of us have been searching for our “purpose” when we actually should be working to free and embody our Soul Matrix and Monad spiritual bodies. We cannot live our true purpose until we are embodied in our Monadic spirit intelligence.

Those poised for stewardship in the next cycle as a part of the “changing of the guard” cannot be corrupted, damaged or deluded that we are in possession or ownership of anything material. The Oversoul/Monad intelligence is able to direct resources without personal agenda … There is no Negative Ego bargaining or superimposing of personal will allowed – ever. There can be no continued “lies of omission”, self-delusion or lack of clarity in any circumstance of our relationships that had created confusion in our lives. We must see all that has been hidden in the shadow and put it all on the altar before God.The natural order of our Ascension process will align us to be corrected of our selfishness and self delusion that we think we are separate. Therefore we become attuned to a life of service to God Spirit.

Higher Heart Chakra Activation

Monadic Activation http://ascensionglossary.com/…/File:GalacticChakraactivatio…

The Monad spirit body is entwined with the activation of the 8th Chakra located at the thymus gland. When the Permanent Seed Atom begins to activate the sequence of Monadic integration begins to link with the 9th Chakra in a moving gyroscopic field with its center axis in the pineal gland.

Morphogentic Chakra

The physical body has Seven Primary Particle Chakras that merge with the anti-particle double of the main Chakra centers through Soul and Monadic spiritual body integration which is the process of spiritual ascension. These anti particle double Chakras are also called Morphogenetic Chakras. The first morphogentic chakra layer starts at the Monad is level at the 8th Chakra. This is also called “Galactic Chakra because its the first layer that connects into the Galactic Plane.

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