Creating Light fo Life in the 5th Dimension

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A New Message from Archangel Gabriel

And a note from Shanta about …

Creating Light Fields for Life in the 5th Dimension

The Earth’s transition to a new heart-centered 5-D consciousness, that we have been experiencing since 2012, has been the source of confusion at the very least. For most people there has also been upheaval, suffering and a sense of loss as the old falls away to make room for the new paradigm. It seems that the way we have related to the world does not work anymore. For this reason, Archangel Gabriel introduced Light Field Technology.

We have come to the time of Imperatives, where who you are, what you do, as well as your vibrational frequency, affects all of humanity. Because the fields of pure potentiality exist in the frequencies of Light, the more people who become aware of and use this technology, the more consciousness is raised on the planet.  Archangel Gabriel

A Transformational 4-Week Study Program:

Light Field Technology™ is a system that teaches you to thrive in the new frequencies of 5D energy. During this 4-week Study Program, the Archangels will be transmitting powerful activations of energy to support your life. Inherent in the program is a Sacred Matrix that allows you to easily integrate the Light Fields into your physical reality and anchor Divinity into every area of your life.


  • 3 Pre-recorded Teleconferences.
  • Study materials providing tools and support for your transformation.
  • Empowering transmissions from the Archangels, including special weekly messages
  • Two live teleconferences built to assist your integration process, ground the frequencies and answer any questions!
  • A rich encoded Matrix of Light to empower your personal Study Program experience

“It is as if my body and spirit are at home now and you have just opened the windows so the light can come into my being more fully. What a beautiful thing you have shared. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart!”
The empowerments in the recordings assist you as you become more comfortable in your physical body while it integrates, expands and blends with your most Divine Self. Through the teachings of the Archangels, you can use intentional Light Fields to create your most empowered future as you learn to navigate the new dimensions.

“When I consciously engage the tools & practices you share, I see amazing results! Blockages dissolve, pathways open and whatever I’m trying to accomplish seems to self-assemble in ways I could never conjure on my own.”

I invite you to join us using the new format for the Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program. I offer you these powerful energetic practices from the Archangels to retrain and rewire your energy system as you bring Heaven to Earth through your physical body.
“Your energy, your words and thoughts resonate with me completely on many levels. The tools you have shared in this series, as well as the meditations and wisdom, are truly shared with the deepest love and compassion from your heart. And my acceptance of these gifts is joyously felt to the core of my being.”

Learning to work with Divine Light will help you to:

•    gracefully navigate and use the new 5D energy frequencies in practical ways,
•    become connected to your Highest Self and integrate divinity in your physical body,
•    and use intentional fields of Light to create your most empowered and abundant future.

“Thank you so much for leading this amazing experience! Personally I never want it to end. The connection and power have been immense.”
Light is the force of all Creation.
When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic.

~ Archangel Gabriel

Join us and discover this magic for yourself.

Blessings of Divine Light,

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