You Lose Nothing but Attachment | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Everyone wants to leave a mark of himself in the world. When it’s your time to come Home, you want to leave an imprint of yourself, something that says you were here on Earth. You want to leave something that says:

“I was here. I lived and breathed here. I was a human Being on Earth for a short span of physical life.” You want some testament to yourself to remain. This, of course, is your attachment to Life in the World. Life on Earth holds great significance to you.

The fact is that later it will not have this kind of importance to you. This is not sad, dear ones. When you literally climb a ladder, you are not attached to the last rung your foot was on. You climbed a ladder, and now you are on another rung of the ladder. There is no attachment. No…

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