Yeshua: Forge a Different Pathway

Jesus posting

On our Saturday Conference Call Yeshua invited us to walk together in the forward movement, to remind people about the love, because that is the way home, that is the way to fulfillment…

Greetings, I am Yeshua, brother and ally, friend. My beloved friends, my family, my soul circle, do not forget please that I have asked you, I have invited you, I have even pleaded with you to come and walk with me. Yes, there are times when we will sit and talk and eat and feast and drink the wine because that is what we do as friends and family. But do not forget that I have asked you to walk with me and I have volunteered to walk with you, to tag along. And I am repeating this plea, this entreaty.

Yes, this is a time in many ways of standing back, of practicing your faithfulness as the observer. But my beloved friends, it is also important that we walk, etherically and actually amongst the people, not directing them, not telling them what to do, but gently, with love and compassion, simply showing them the pathways of love. And in many ways, the alternate pathways of love to show that there is different directions, different ways to proceed.

Being in a state of overwhelm with many dissident voices, with many dissident messages, is and can be very confusing, yes, and distracting for the collective. And in that distraction what occurs is they begin to pay attention to the question, the issue of the day that is at hand, and take their attention away from the truth of who they are, the truth of the Mother’s Plan, and the fulfillment of that Plan right now.

Often you have felt frustration with us, with the infinite ’soon’, but that is not what I am speaking of; I am speaking of the infinity eternal now which is coinciding with your understanding of ‘now’. And it is in the proceeding, the walking together in the forward movement together, that we create Nova Earth, that we unfurl the promise and we raise that flag of freedom, and it is freedom for all. It has nothing to do with religion or nationality or politics; it has to do with heart and the willingness to stand in strength and clarity of what is the truth of your heart, your being, your mission, your purpose, and alignment with Divine heart, mind, and will. Never has this been more critical. It has never been about picking sides.

When I walked the earth earlier so many would say ‘you’re a Jew, side with the Judaic tradition’. The Pharisees would say ‘side with us’. The Romans would say ‘side with us’.

And what did I do? I walked away from all of it, not in distain, not in hatred, but I walked away to remind people about the love…that that is all there is and that is all that counts and that is all that is important because that is the way home, that is the way to fulfillment. When you hold the love with infinite discernment and you forge a different pathway, then you are assuming your role as pathfinder, as way-shower, and as steward and creator of Nova Earth. And that is where we are walking as brothers and sisters and allies, hand in hand, heart in heart, in service to our Mother, our Father, each other, and the One.

Have compassion, but compassion means just that…it does not mean buy-in, it never has. Find your way, forge your way, begin your journey of walking, of declaring quietly, silently, or voraciously, and simply look next to you and know I am there walking with you today, tomorrow, and always.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.