Telepathic Letter

Telepathic letter to Soltec/Hatonn – Jan. 21, 2017
Today I have been stirred up by you appearing in my dream and I was so happy. This sensation stayed with me all day now and now I am sure that it was a lucid dream being true.
I am happy about what you said that I was the ONE for you – for all life -I mean besides God our Creator – and I looked into your eyes and saw the truth in them. In recent timelines I thought you were not so much interested any more in me or that you had so many tasks to absolve which are more important than me your twin flame. Do you hear me ?
Yes my dear, I am listening to you, yes I was there at your side last night and your words make me happy too. I know that you are somewhat depressed the last days and I want to console you. I know too that you hear sometimes our sound of the lightship greeting you.
Soon there will be the date when we shall meet together but until then I shall come to you in your lucid dreams and caress you.
Hatonn that would be wonderful I am looking forward to meeting you even it is in my dreaming state. Thank you I adore you and love you unconditionally. Fare well my dear Yours EM

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