The Final Wave of Souls is Here & It’s Going to Change Everything

The Final Wave of Souls is Here & It’s Going to Change Everything

Humans Are FreeBefore proceeding, you may want to read Part One and Part Two of the series (not necessary in order to enjoy this piece).

The Wave of the Future: The long awaited Third Wave of virgin Souls is now finally incarnating on Earth.

In fact, most Souls incarnating today are Third Wavers or their forerunners, to help accommodate for the next step in the evolution and expansion of the human consciousness.

The First few forerunners started to arrive roughly 100 years ago as scouts to make preparations for the Third Wave. Their talents were many and varied and appropriate for the task.

From about 1940 onward, these Souls with their special talents became known as the Indigo Children and began to arrive in larger numbers.

The Indigos came to prepare for the arrival of the Third Wave of virgin Souls who have never been to earth before. All Indigos have only little Karma from previous lives to deal with and they have guts and many talents.

From about 1998-9 the Third Wave of Virgin Souls finally began to arrive, and was called Rainbow, Crystal or Starseed Children, as well as many other names.

First, a small trickle arrived, but since 2010 they have been coming in much larger numbers, taking every opportunity they could to incarnate using mostly grown-up Indigos as their parents.

What made it possible for the Third Wave of virgin Souls to come to Earth was the severe limitations put on Souls reincarnating from the lower realms of the afterlife or from the other side. (More below).

The Third Wave have no karmic burden or accountability to the earth dimensions or other earthlings, whatsoever — they are all Virgin Souls.

They are angels incarnated, just like both the first and second wave were when they first arrived.

However, they are all born with a built-in moral compass, because the “veil” of Forgetfulness that other Souls have, is “torn in twain”. This allows them clear memory recall to every bit of learning from past experiences in other dimensions and from the higher Consciousness.

They have, for hundreds of years, been observing the Earth and its people and systems. They are totally fearless toward strangers as well.

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