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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is never a question of whether or not you should do something or should not do it. It is always a question of whether what you are considering doing is representative of the vibration that you want to be in. You first need to decide what vibration you want to hold, what vibration you want to emanate, to share with the universe. And then you need to familiarize yourselves with that vibration by holding it, by consciously activating it within you.

This is how you come to an appropriate decision regarding a particular action. You can take yourself down the timeline that the action would take you down by feeling into it first and determining for yourselves whether that action and that timeline feel similar to the vibration that you want to hold. You…

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CELEBRATE! You are moving to awaken.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 28th

As 2017 approaches rapidly many on Earth are anxious and concerned.  For many 2016 has been tough with much “stuff” of an unexpected nature arising seemingly unbidden into their conscious awareness, and whence they know not.  They thought that they had cleared all their stuff, the stuff that was draining their energy and dragging them even deeper into the illusion, even as they were hoping to rise above it finally by living in the world but not being of it, being more above it, observing it, being of service within it, but free of all their old baggage which they felt that they had done a very good job of discarding.

Well most of you have done a very good job of discarding what no longer serves you.  Nevertheless, you chose to incarnate this time around to assist in humanity’s awakening, and therefore…

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The Pace quickens

Sacred 333The pace of things, the extent of responsibility is picking up for me. And, by the end of the day, I feel spent.

And this is just a fraction of what it’ll be like later.

I feel confident. But I also haven’t yet mastered marshalling my time and energy. I give it away too freely and that’s one of the things that has me feel spent.

The skills I seem called upon to learn are no different than probably any corporate executive would have to learn.

But I’m a monk by nature, a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

And I prefer a monk’s lifestyle.  I have very few desires that I’m aware of.

Which makes me a good one to press a button.

And that’s what Archangel Michael wants me to do.  And I say this for the benefit of anyone else trying to figure out their mission and role.

He wants me to be first and foremost a communicator and only after that the chief officer of a group of lightworker funds and projects.

The only possible way I could do that is restrict myself to simply pressing buttons, so to speak. “Create and let go. Create and let go,” he advised me on one occasion.

Hire the one person who will create all else and stand back. Make only the go/no go decisions. Nothing else.

It’ll take discipline.  I see all the lessons learned, even recently, about detachment and foresee their value being revealed in the months ahead.

Every day I’m drawn more and more out of my cave. My identity is gradually shifting.

I notice that I’ve completed enough vasanas or core issues that I don’t get into uncomfortable states like embarrassment any more.   I get as well that I’m progressively better able to remain in the center, the middle, the heart.

I also notice that I find myself saying “yes” to most things asked of me in the way of service. Yes to public speaking. Yes to Lights of the Roundtable. Yes to doing the Lightworkers Congress. Yes, yes, yes. In those areas there’s no resistance and so no tiredness.  And, yes, I get there is a limit.

So many things are happening – all of them backstage – that I feel well supported by our co-creative partners in the Company of Heaven, as we contemplate the new roles we’ll soon be playing.


Sheldan Nidle – December 27, 2016

11 Batz, 14 Mol. 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! We start today with a brief progress report. Currency items that are earmarked for distribution are in the process of being readied. We know that it has been a long and difficult journey for all. It is therefore important that you know that those at the top of the various distribution levels are preparing to initiate a most amazing process. Once launched, and barring unforeseen circumstances, this process is expected to take over a month to complete. As you know, it has been a truly arduous journey for all. Delivery of prosperity funds is simply the initial stage of this intricate operation. We know that the protracted length of this procedure was complicated by the imperative to keep these actions secure and above board. It therefore created the commitment to go as slow as was necessary. Our purpose was to work with our allies and keep them satisfied about what was unfolding. This series of requirements forced us into a very slow and deliberate mode. Thus, it has taken over two decades to finish this component of our large and complex project. It is our joy to see that your consciousness and perception of this task have allowed a better comprehension of what this journey is all about.

When we first arrived on your beautiful shores, we immediately sensed what was occurring. The Anunnaki were still the Overlords of this surface world, and treated their minions with a firm but velvet glove. It was your position to obey with few or no questions asked. This unfair reality caused us much pain for what you were enduring. We immediately discovered who was in charge of the Holy Light of Heaven’s accomplishments. At first, they were suspicious of our presence but gradually, they began to develop trust. Your Ascended Masters were our patrons, and through them our sacred project was explained to all. Nevertheless, it took us more than two decades to develop the degree of trust required to successfully attain our series of projects. Once achieved, we were able to implement projects that involved both the Masters’ secret sacred societies and the Agarthans. During this time, we increased the number of ships in our fleet and completed the training of those assigned to mentor you. These projects are, of course, continuing.

We have begun to strategize how best to remove the minions that are part of a number of your governments. This process is generally tied to an ongoing legal process associated with the vast corruption and illegal operations of the current American regime. This project was first created to isolate vital aspects of those who ran this illegal action. The other part of the plan was for it to gradually manifest a new legal republic, based upon a series of documents that became known as NESARA. This operation resulted in a few complications that are gradually to be fully resolved. New governance has quickly been able to establish itself worldwide as the framework for the true governance of America. The overriding goal is to transform the current situation through a series of future announcements. Strategically, the exact timing of these announcements needs to be kept hidden from the public. It is therefore vital that this, and the prosperity project, proceed secretly until the proper time for full disclosure. It is our joint policy to keep all of this confidential until the security matters associated with it are completely resolved.

As these stages of secrecy are completed, we move ever closer to disclosure. It is to be much easier for us to operate when we are able to talk publicly with you and delineate what Heaven has decreed. We realize just how vital it is to be able to operate away from the currently required shadows. Our liaisons have been forced to maintain certain protocols that are a bit clumsy. We have kept these up mainly to assuage our partners. In the coming months, this need can fade away as we begin to address you directly. The extent of pollution and climate change promulgated by the Anunnaki’s minions is most troubling. You have caused an amazing degree of imbalance in your atmosphere and oceans, and on your land. They need to be corrected. To us, these tasks are a simple set of operations. However, those who control governments hold policies that are against such procedures. We need to wait until disclosure is formally announced. As you can see, we are approaching a series of events that is to alter the way this global society operates. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This special time of the year is heightened in joy by what is about ready to appear. The great spiritual gift of financial freedom is near. Therefore, let us be merry and of good cheer. This is a time, as well, when the energy of spiritual renewal manifests. Know that this energy is a symbol of a new pledge by Heaven to shower you with grace and action. This symbolizes how committed the Heavenly Hosts are to your safety and redemption from a flow of energies that are positively roaring throughout this realm. Let all humanity take note that this very special compensation is manifesting. Let this holiday season be celebrated in the knowledge that the monstrous evil that has been your bane is lifting. The happiest of holidays to one and all! It is truly a time to be looked upon with joy and heartfelt thanks to Heaven! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

As it always does, this glorious time began to seem beset with delays and the usual frustrations. Across this globe a grand renaissance of consciousness has pushed Gaia’s surface realm to new heights. Long lists of global humanitarian projects have accumulated, along with the funds amassed to provide for their completion. It is a time when the stresses of population growth and the blessings of a new reality are to merge. This glorious planet is to see a birth of miracles that is to bring it the dawn of world peace, founded on your soaring visions. These blessings are to manifest, and an explosion of activity is to see a new attitude arise the world over, driven by this planet’s growing consciousness. Heaven has long planted special seeds to make possible this splendid event. The shaping of this new reality is just the beginning. So stand back in anticipation and watch as this new reality quickly assumes its magnificent new form.

As you can see, so many wondrous miracles are just around the proverbial corner. We Masters are proud of what you are to do when you finally receive your freedom and prosperity. These series of phenomena are to show you just how much you are truly capable of. We have watched patiently and seen how ruthlessly the Anunnaki’s minions have kept you down. All of this is now to change as you transform this beautiful orb that is your home. You are to develop plans to use new technology to clean your waters, air and land. When at last we reveal a number of key truths to you, even more miracles are to suddenly manifest. After your Space family finally lands, you will be able to demonstrate the extent to which your consciousness has grown. Even the Agarthans are to be in joy at what you have accomplished. It is this marvelous place that can now reunite with the Inner Realms to form a new Gaia!

Today, we continued with our weekly reports. This magical time of the year has brought us much joy! The coming time is sure to bring all a resplendent sequence of wonders. It is also a time for you to use your amazing visions to manifest the true marvel that is humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!).
Website: Planetary Activation Organization

The Stars of the Show | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

It has been said that it rained for forty days and nights. Life has also presented droughts. Where are the rains and droughts of yesteryear? Where are the snows and all the shoveled snows? Long gone.

It is not a new idea that, on Earth, everything, every single apparent thing and person and experience is temporary.

If you could pick and choose what is temporary, that would make you feel better. Yet you can’t pick and choose. Or, that is: Sooner or later, your preferences are put aside. And you, one day, the way you see it, you are put aside. This thought looms over you, and you wonder how this can possibly be.

Of course, you never leave life, and you are never absent. Therefore, you are always present. Even after your so-called demise, you ever exist, and you exist on levels you may have no idea…

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Erzengel Michael


Michael Engel Erzengel

Dieser mächtige Erzengel ist in diesem Moment an Deiner Seite. Er gibt Dir Mut und hilft Dir, Dich von den Fesseln der Angst zu befreien. Durch diese Karte gibt Dir der Erzengel Michael seine Gegenwart zu erkennen. Er ist das Symbol für wahren Mut, der seinen Ursprung in dem Wissen hat, dass Gottes Liebe die einzige wirkliche Macht im Himmel und auf Erden ist. Michael lässt Dich wissen, dass Du inmitten all der Veränderungen in Deinem Leben und der Herausforderungen, die diese Veränderungen mit sich bringen, sicher und behütet bist. Gott und die Engel helfen Dir, auch in schwierigen Zeiten Dir selbst treu zu bleiben.   Gönne Dir so oft wie möglich vertrauliche Zwiegespräche mit Michael. Schütte ihm Dein Herz aus und erzähle ihm von Deinen Sorgen. Halte nichts zurück. Hab keine Angst, dass Du ihm zuviel zumutest. Michael ist – wie alle anderen Engel auch – in der Lage, gleichzeitig…

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Die 7 Botschaften unserer Seele – von Ella Kensington


die-7-botschaften-unserer-seelezum Buch: HIER!

Aus der Amazon-Redaktion

Die Essenz der Philosophie von Ella Kensington („Mary“), verpackt in sieben leicht nachvollziehbaren Schritten.

Viele Bücher beschreiben, wie wir Krankheit und Negativität bekämpfen können, nur wenige weisen den Weg zu jenem wunderbaren Seelenzustand, in dem wir vor Glück zerspringen möchten. Dies ist die Geschichte zweier Menschen, die auf der Suche nach dem Glück ihrer eigenen Seele begegnen. Von ihr erfahren sie die sieben existenziellen Botschaften. Mit jeder Botschaft erhalten sie einen tieferen Einblick in die eigene spirituelle Persönlichkeit. Ein Buch, das man nicht nur durchliest, sondern das man spontan zu leben beginnt.

Zeitlose Weisheit in Form eines Romans wie „die Prophezeiungen von Celestine“.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende
Hinter “Ella Kensington” verbirgt sich ein ganzes Team von Glückstrainern, die sich entschlossen haben, am gleichen Strang zu ziehen und unter dem gleichen Markennamen zu arbeiten. Das “Ella-Camp” in Spanien hat seit seiner Gründung…

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You Are Your Universe ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

As you awaken to the realization that there is nothing outside of you, and that no one and nothing can do anything to you, you have everything that you need to empower yourselves to live the lives that you want to live. It always serves you to feel yourselves as more than just your physical bodies. As you reach out with your conscious awareness to the field that surrounds your physical body, that is a good place for you to start.

When you access that which is available to you from your energy field, you begin the process of knowing yourselves as the universe that you once thought you inhabited. You’re making these steps every day towards that full knowing, and as you take yourselves there, you pick up more gifts and abilities along the…

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Shift update 28/12 – 2/1/1



Der Atem der Schöpfung der sich durch alles hindurch bewegt offenbart in der Präsenz des Augenblicks die Wahrheit alles Sein.

Dem Ende eines Zyklus nahe, zeigen sich die Antworten der vielen Fragen in euren Herzen.

Das reinigende kosmische Gewitter- entsendet aus dem galaktischen Zentrum der Milchstraße-  prasselt mit elektromagnetischen  Stürmen, Transmutationsfeuern und Fluten von Infrarot und Gammateilchen auf all die falschen Realitäten – katalysiert vor allem das Nervensystem, die neuralen Bahnen, um Neu Konfiguration vorzunehmen.

Vorbereitungen zur kompletten Transformation unseres bisherigen BewusstSEINzustand.

Der Sender des Schöpferbewusstseins liegt bei etwa 26-27° im Feld der Wahrheit und Freiheit (Schützen) fordert auf, alles – wirklich alles noch einmal zu betrachten- Reflexion das Werkzeug für Wachstum.

Perfekte Zentrierung im JETZT synchron in Ausrichtung des Magnetisierungsstromes zeigen die Resonanz eures gegenwärtigen Bewusstsein’s.

Dissonanzen reflektieren unerledigte Aufgaben, sowohl körperlich als auch in den Feldern aller Beziehungen- persönlich wie Global. Benutzt ihr euer inneres GPS, navigieren Reaktionen eurer Emotionen  dorthin wo Handlungsbedarf besteht.

Mit der stärkeren Pulsation…

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Still Blooming!

Laura Bruno's Blog

It was minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit here last week, but on this afternoon’s walk through the yard, I noticed these little beauties still blooming strong:


Faery magic is alive and well in this yard! What’s really weird is that the hot pink hat, flower pin and scarf I felt oddly inspired to wear today match the primrose. Someone’s having a Midwinter giggle, scattering beauty across the frozen ground.

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Message to Christmas

Sarah Shiddian

Archangel Michael:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart for our message for you…

This Holiday season, humanity focuses on the light and love of our beloved Master Lord Sananda, also known as Jeshua ben Joseph and Jesus the Christ.

This great avatar for the Christ consciousness of Source has been holding the energies for your planet for eons.

The love and light of these energies are currently greatly amplified and are assisting you in shifting Earth into a higher dimension.

Strong waves of Gamma rays are being sent to your planet to assist with this process.

Allow for these intense energies to be integrated into your body, by getting plenty of rest and following the promptings of your body.

At this time, we invite you to take a moment to become aware of all your blessings in your life and how you can be a blessing for others.

Open your heart to love and the golden resurrection flame, which Lord Sananda is keeping for all life.

What do you wish to create in this now moment and going forward?

Feel the love of your heart and as you contemplate this answer, direct the golden flame of resurrection, with the help of Lord Sananda, towards your vision for your life.

Feel the joyous energies rushing through your heart center as you doing this…

Allow for these loving energies to expand outward and to surround the Earth…

From the Angelic realms, we send you bright blessings for your Holidays!

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way. Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

Founder of The Telos Channel
Trance-channel for
Adama of Telos
Archangel Michael and
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

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Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day

boxingdayWe just had Boxing Day. I’d like to have Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day.

This is the day to box all our Third-Dimensional conditioned behavior (or Third Dimentia) and leave it at the dumspter.

I know of several ways to step out of all boxes and be in silence and stillness for a while.

  • Letting go of or dropping everything to leave only the default of silence and stillness.
  • Finding oneself in the natural self, the overburden gone.
  • Sending love out to the entire world.

When I let go of everything, the place I find myself in is silence and stillness.  And, as I embrace it, I see everything else as if it were a movie playing on a screen or a desktop. It flies off into oblivion and I’m left in stillness and silence.

Oh, how peaceful things are then.


Several times I’ve found myself in … Hmmmm. I don’t want to exaggerate here. Being precise is important given that there’s no thorough typology I know about of the experiences of transformation and enlightenment. I don’t want to pretend what has happened to me is more than it is.

At the same time, I also know that it isn’t the case that we go from one experience of enlightenment to another that’s totally different. We may simply go deeper and deeper into the experience of, say, love or bliss or light.

That having been said, on occasion I’ve found myself in what seems to me to be my natural self, free of the overburden. I don’t consider it an experience of enlightenment, but of transformation. (1) And, then, there’s such a feeling of innocence and openness, to a degree that I can’t maintain in everyday life.

These are rare events.


Sending love out to the entire world is the area I want to work out in most – and it’s the most challenging. People have been shafted and scammed and fleeced so many times that very few people seem to trust someone who’s beaming.

Nevertheless I know full well (i.e., realizationally) (2) that sending out love to the world immediately puts Third Dimensionality itself in a box. That box can and should be left at the bin.  That would truly fulfill Boxing Day.

I’m feeling an unusual amount of “interdimensional slippage,” to use Linda Dillon and Ashira’s phrase.  I want to burst out in love and joy but I hold myself back. So the higher-dimensional side is almost shimmering and I choose to turn from gazing on it and bend to the socially-acceptable side instead. I’m not yet brave enough yet to let it all shine forth.

Even though this is a week of post-Christmas sales, I’m going to remain very quiet and not set foot in a store. (I’m not saying everyone should.)

I may take a few days off and just integrate all the joy I feel as a result of perhaps the best Christmas I’ve ever had.


(1) Transformation is more of a peak experience than one of enlightenment.

(2) I use the word to mean that I’ve realized the particular piece of knowledge in question; it doesn’t reside as simply informational or experiential knowledge. I’m not meaning to imply that I’m Self-realized, which I’m not.

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A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham via Natalie Glasson, A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Natalie-Glasson-2-300x296Audio version. Video version.

As I viewed the scene before me, my heart glowed with such delight; I felt as if a golden well of light had awoken within the core of my soul overflowing into my entire being. My body shimmered and pulsated in rhythm with the light unfolding. As if reflecting the truth emerging within my being, a blazing fire had been created in the centre of our gathering.

Friends, family, and members of the Essene community sat in a large circle around the fire. Everyone was busy talking, sharing, laughing and expressing their truth, the atmosphere was lively as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon surrounding us in a darkness which seemed to only enhance the love present within our community.

Jesus sat opposite me, tonight he was dressed in pale blue robes, every inch of his body and face emanated love, a love that seemed to touch my heart and seep into the depths of my soul without him even looking at you.

He always had this wonderful ability, that even when it seemed he was not focused upon you, that his attention was elsewhere discussing an important matter with the person beside him, it still felt as if he was giving you his complete attention as if he was completely present with you and no other. I found his ability to be breathtakingly astonishing. It healed the wounds of separation in my heart each time I was in his presence.

Tonight, Jesus was sitting close to Mary Magdalene; his face was lit with amusement as words passed his mouth that I could not hear. Mary Magdalene dressed in the same coloured pale blue robes, threw her head back expressing a laugh which seemed to emanate the magnetic femininity of her essence.

There were always children surrounding Mary Magdalene and Jesus wherever they went and tonight was no exception. Children of all ages were attracted to the innocent nature of these two sacred beings who appeared to exist in complete oneness and harmony when they were together. Jesus lent forward, his left hand resting on the shoulder of a young boy knelt beside him. His eyes glimmered as he shared his words with the children sitting at their feet. Before long they too laughed loudly with great amusement.

I felt prompted within to step forward, the golden chalice given to Jesus at his birth by his grandmother, Anna, held in my hands. Anna had come to me earlier that day to deliver the golden chalice into my hands describing to me my purpose for this evening. Now with the golden chalice held in front of my heart, I began to meditatively walk around the fire, slowly and thoughtfully, drawing the energy of Mother Earth up through my feet, into my heart chakra and entire being.

As I completed my third circle around the fire the attention of the community was now upon me. I stood with the fire warming my back and my heart emanating to Jesus and Mary Magdalene before me. My eyes first met Grandmother Anna, sitting on the left side of Jesus, her eyes carried her energy to me and reminded me of all the wisdom she had imparted to me before the ceremony.

My actions at this moment were guided by her, I was barely 14 years old, with my confidence waning slightly at the honour and responsibility of my role in the ceremony, Grandmother Anna’s energy enthused me with such strength. Next, I gazed at Mother Mary dressed in deep blue robes, she almost seemed to be invisible against the night sky as she sat next to Mary Magdalene. She was holding Mary Magdalene’s hand as it rested upon her knee. Grace filled my being as Mother Mary, so familiar to me, smiled and nodded gently for me to begin.

Inhaling deeply, I centred my focus upon my heart chakra. I allowed all the joy that my soul embodied to fill my heart chakra flowing upwards into my throat chakra. I opened my mouth and allowed my soul to sing, my voice gentle yet strong, soothing yet alive filled the space between us all. We became one; each person was one with my voice, and I was experiencing complete unity with our community.

My soul sang through my voice without the intervention of my mind, a song we were all familiar with, a song that spoke of the love of the Angelic Kingdom for each man, women, and child upon the Earth. There was a moment of silence before another familiar song was expressed which spoke in a language unknown to us. All I knew was that the song spoke of the eternal and infinite connection that all can experience with the Creator.

The tone, rhythm, and speed of my voice changed as a new song echoed in my ears. A language we all understood describing the dance of the divine feminine and divine masculine as they intertwine and merge together. The sacred being channeling through me spoke of the presence of the divine feminine and divine masculine on the inner planes and how this existed in unison and harmony within each of us.

An energy and aspect of each being upon the Earth that required to be honoured, nurtured and embodied. While the song did not speak of the physical union between the divine masculine and divine feminine upon the Earth, instead the unison of two aspects of the Creator, intention, and embodiment, present within every being. It did speak of an energy of creation being born from the synthesis of the Creator’s intention and embodiment or nurturing energies, which we label the divine masculine and divine feminine.

The song began to focus upon the creation born from the Creator’s intention and nurturing energies. As the last words left my lips in almost a whisper, an image of a beautiful baby girl was left in the minds of all. With this vision pulsating in the third eye of our community, we all experienced a deep-seated familiarity and connection to this soul, as if she was already a part of our being, community and family.

We recognized the energy she held; it was that of Mary Magdalene, and Jesus synthesised with their beauty emanating, and yet there was an innocence likened to that of the Christ Consciousness our original consciousness gifted to humanity long before my current existence. The essence of this soul seemed to dance with joy and happiness in our inner and outer silence.

I walked slowly towards Mary Magdalene, her eyes alive with excitement and gratitude. ‘This is for you, beloved one. As you know, it was given to Jesus at his birth by Grandmother Anna as a recognition of his truth and purpose upon the Earth. While we all know, his earthly days are becoming few, this golden chalice is gifted to you by Grandmother Anna, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Creator in recognition and celebration of the soul incarnating, forming and developing within your womb now.

The presence of this soul is entering the world to carry forth and continue to anchor the fusion of the divine masculine and divine feminine, which you have both connected with and embodied within your being. She will reflect and emanate the essence of your sacred union with Jesus, the union of your souls as one soul, twin flames in full realization of each other.’

‘Thank you Maryham,’ Grandmother Anna spoke, ‘Mary Magdalene, you are aware of this we know, we simply felt guided to honour the child that will bless our family and to gift you with the golden chalice which will always remind you of her truth. One day Mary Magdalene, you will gift this golden chalice to your daughter when she conceives continuing to anchor the pure consciousness that you and Jesus have awoken within many upon the Earth. Please accept our gift and the love that flows with it.’

‘Thank you all, I feel truly blessed, I gratefully receive your love, blessings, and the golden chalice, which I will safeguard for Sar’h,’ Mary Magdalene stood to receive the golden chalice, then wrapping her arms around me as tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘Sar’h!’ exclaimed Mother Mary, ‘What a beautiful and perfect name.’

‘Yes, we both received her name directly from her soul, it is her choosing, and it is most appropriate,’ shared Jesus.

Our community rose to their feet beginning to discuss the exciting news of a new baby being born into our community. I was congratulated many times for my expression of truth and the grace in which the essence of the child was anchored into all present. It meant that when Sar’h was born all would feel such a strong and meaningful connection with her. Our celebrations continued into the evening as we danced and sang until we could no longer, honouring and enjoying our divine connection with the Creator as it interweaved through our beings and lives with such perfection.


“A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham, A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 23, 2016, at

Sacred School of Omna

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Archangel Michael on Enlightment and Ascension

Michael 23Steve is on holiday today.

We’re excerpting a past Hour with an Angel discussion with Archangel Michael on the similarities and differences between enlightenment and ascension. From July 2016.

SB: [I’d like to] correct, if need be, my own impressions from some time ago that ascension followed the levels of enlightenment which are well known to Gaia’s sages, terrestrial sages. I’m no longer sure if ascension follows those chakra-related enlightenments.  (1)

AAM: Shall we begin with the process and stages of enlightenment? …

In your understandings – whether it is eastern or western, north or south – you have had delineations in terms of levels and, even in terms of the realm of human existence, twelve dimensions, twelve planes within each dimension. You have been given the construct and the understanding that one progresses step by step by step.

And, the underlying or underpinning comprehension to that is that you cannot go to, say, step 24 unless you have completed 10 to 24, that this is a progression and your terminology so often used is a journey. And, I think you would all agree and even those who never listen to this program, if posed the question would agree, because do not forget, I speak to all of Gaia; that there is a sense of forward thrust.

There is a sense of progression, and that sense of progression comes from the feeling, but, more importantly, the wisdom and the knowing that all of you – and we will stick to this process of what is occurring on Earth and Gaia – all of you are in a process of forward thrust back to the Mother, Father, One, Source. So, there is this inherent sense that you want to move, move, move forward. And, in that, gain closer, higher, fuller, more intimate connection to your Self and to the all. And, that is what the journey and the process of what you think of as enlightenment is about.

There are similarities between ascension, and you may feel free to interrupt me, my brother, between ascension and enlightenment. But, understand, so often with enlightenment, the process, unless you are completely in Sahaj Samadhi, is that you are in, out, and at times separated from your abilities to fully integrate into your body. Now, in ascension, in this process of what you and we have called ascension, there is the process rather than leaving or elevating your consciousness to a level where you are connected, it is that you are coming and going at the same time.

Let me explain. You are bringing into your form – and there will be some bleed through in discussion of light bodies – but you are bringing into your form the conscious practicality, awareness of union with One. That is why we gave you the 13th Octave. It was to prepare you to be the inhabitants of your being in a level of complete union. So, let us explain, to be home with One, with Mother, Father, All, but also to be in your body.

Now is this an evolution, or perhaps what you would you think of as evolutionary jump, a quantum leap, and that is why we have used that term so often over the years? It is a quantum leap in terms of how you define what it means to be human. And, in that, the sensation, or the experience may often feel not necessarily true, but it may often feel as if you have skipped many of those previous layers or steps that we have talked about a minute ago.

But, let us explain. The ascension in many ways can be called descension. So, it is anchoring. Now, you have had this concept of separation, not only between steps and layers and processes, but in and of yourself. And, the ultimate separation, of course, is what you have called and experienced and termed death, when you have left your body. So you get to go home and to be free of this burden called the physical vessel. But this physical vessel has been so ignored, depleted, underestimated. (2)

Let’s combine what Michael said with what Jesus said yesterday:

What is ascension? You know when I spoke to the people 2000+ years ago I tried to keep it simple and that is a good rule of thumb even today in 2017. Ascension is the conscious heart living of love. It is the expanded heart consciousness. When you are fully in your heart consciousness, what happens? A number of things get triggered. Your intellect, your mental capacity and what you think of as emotional capacity is cleared. Your intellect, your mental capacity expands phenomenally. Your ability to understand, to perceive, to see and to truly feel the love – not simply romantic love – that you begin to engage in – and so did I – at around twelve or fifteen or twenty-four.  You become the love, you are the love. This isn’t something again that you are needing to be taught, it is your fundamental self, it is who you are.  (3)


(1) When the kundalini  reaches the fourth chakra, stream, one comes to know the Child of God, the Christ, Self, or Atman. When the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra, one comes to know the Light that the Mother is. When the kundalini reaches the seventh-chakra, one comes to know the transcendental Light the Fa5her is. After that, when the kundalini reaches the spirit heart via the Atma Nadi, one is liberated or ascended.

(2) “Transcript ~ AHWAA: Archangel Michael on The Descension of the Higher Self, July 28, 2016,” at

(3) “Jesus’s Christmas Message: 2017 a Year of Extraordinary Fulfilment,” at

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Seinfeld for President; Obama for Stand-Up

obamaseinfeld“I’ve always wanted to be in a show about nothing,” Mr. Barackobama (one word) said. “And here I am.”

This video, in which Jerry Seinfeld drops by and picks the President up for coffee (“Got time for coffee?”), in Jerry’s Corvette, is head-bangingly funny.

Seinfelt to Obama: “Are you still up for coffee?”

Obama: “Sure. Why don’t you come by. It’s 1600 Pennsylania.”

Seinfeld enters the Oval Office by the back door, makes himself comfortable, and munches on a Presidential apple.  Having taken one bite, he asks the President: “Are these washed?”

One funny line at different levels: President Obama: “A few weeks ago Dick Cheney said he thought I was the worst President of all time. That’s funny because I think Dick Cheney was the worst President of my lifetime.” Ooo-whee. Love to go down that rabbit hole some day.

What color are the President’s underwear? Was his first night in the White House like A Night in the Museum?  Where does one throw an apple core in the Oval Office? (Not in the Presidential wastebasket.)

Barackobama shows his cool in the face of Jerry’s send-ups.

Two really enjoyable people to bring together! Relax and laugh.

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Jesus’s Christmas Message: 2017 a Year of Extraordinary Fulfilment

Jesus postingJesus’s Christmas Message on the Winter Solstice   122116

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi. I am the eternal and infinite brother of your heart, the infinite and eternal companion of your soul, and whether you think of me as prophet or teacher or healer, I ask of you this day and every day to think of me as ally, as brother, as friend, as companion. Again I ask you to please come walk with me.

You know, so often I have heard the cries of your heart, we all have. The most consistent and persistent cry of your heart that we hear is that you are lonely, that you feel all alone, that you feel in so many ways that this is a solitary journey and that you are proceeding without the accompaniment you so yearn for. And yet, here I am and I do not even approach you alone; I approach you with legions, not only of magenta but of blue and pink, red and orange, my Mother, my Magdalena, my apostles, my disciples, my friends, all of us…we’re saying, “Hey, will you walk with me?”

In your mind and in your heart, when I pose this question to you, of course you always say, “Yes, I would love to!” And then you forget. We proceed as one circle, seen and unseen (yes I’m talking about us being seen as well) but together – you, as our ‘boots on the ground’ as it were, the Implementation Team of the Mother, the very creators of Nova Earth. I’m saying, “Will you walk with me? Or heck, can I walk with you?” How would you feel if I could just tag along? I won’t make a lot of fuss or muss…and then you will never have to feel or even sometimes believe that you are alone. You will never have to feel lonely, because my beloved friends, family, brothers and sisters, you have never been alone.

Now, I know because I have walked in your shoes, yes size 10! I have walked in your shoes, I know your position and I know what it is, even with your beloved by your side, to feel that you are alone and forgotten, that somehow the plan went awry, got screwed up, the angels and the archangels forgot or didn’t do their part and here you are stuck on this planet of bitterness, hatred and greed. That is not the truth; that is not the truth of love; that is not my truth and that is not our truth. So, think of me if you would as your constant companion, I will honor your privacy, I will honor your sacred space, but I am with you…we are with you.

Now, let’s talk about a few things from my perspective, from the channel’s perspective, from the Mother and Father’s knowing. This has been nothing short of an extraordinary year. Yes, there are times when I joke and tease and say it is an extraordinary year because I wrote a book! But in fact it is a handbook for you to help guide you so that you know the tools and the perspective that you carry to bring forth the love and joy that is not only your birthright, but is the natural state of being…that is your natural state so why would you not want to live in it?

Now, does it appear that there is a great deal of chaos still upon your planet? The answer of course is yes. I am neither blind nor deaf and we would not wish to pretend that the chaos is not present and we have talked already to you a great deal about this. But, let me suggest to you again, not only is your natural sense of being full of love and joy, you are naturally, inherently, in your very beingness, not simply spiritually but physically, fundamentally an inter-multi-dimensional being. That is the construct of this planet. That is the very definition of what it means to be human.

So, it isn’t something that you need to learn, it isn’t something that you need to be taught. What you are doing is remembering and embodying it in ways that it hasn’t been embodied in thousands and thousands and thousands of years. To be inter-dimensional is to be very fluid and Einstein has given you some wonderful explanations. Yes, that you will find online on the Council of Love. He has given you some explanations and ways in which to conceive of your inter-dimensionality.

But let us start with this very point of you asking what lies ahead for 2017. Your sense of inter-dimensional slippage that many of you have been experiencing, of spaciness, forgetfulness, the “I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing feeling” has been growing. However, remember that the clarity of the Mother is always and constantly being infused into you. It was part of Her Tsunami of Love and it is part of the Tsunami of One that is continuing to this very moment.

This sense of clarity of being inter-dimensional, of being fluid, in the flow of dimensions is becoming your normal state of being in 2017. This is particularly true for you who are light-holders, love beings, because you are slightly ahead of the wave, you have already brought into your being that heart consciousness. This is an enormous expansion, yes, what the channel has referred to as explosion. You are the light!

Let me digress for a moment…Gabrielle has told you very clearly, particularly with her recent attunement, you are in the throes of ascension. Now, Gabrielle is the communicator. Her usage of words and terminology is very specific. So, when she said ‘you are in the throes of ascension’ what do you think she meant? She is not talking about the smooth passage, the process of ascension, she is talking about the final push, the birthing and the rebirthing of you, my beloved family, and of this human race that we refer to as Gaians.

What is ascension? You know when I spoke to the people 2000+ years ago I tried to keep it simple and that is a good rule of thumb even today in 2017. Ascension is the conscious heart living of love. It is the expanded heart consciousness. When you are fully in your heart consciousness, what happens? A number of things get triggered. Your intellect, your mental capacity and what you think of as emotional capacity is cleared. Your intellect, your mental capacity expands phenomenally. Your ability to understand, to perceive, to see and to truly feel the love – not simply romantic love – that you begin to engage in – and so did I – at around twelve or fifteen or twenty-four.  You become the love, you are the love. This isn’t something again that you are needing to be taught, it is your fundamental self, it is who you are.

My beloveds, you, each of you that I speak to, that I walk with, you are the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, the Mother’s Promise. You are the fulfillment of the Plan. Now, we have said this to you in so many ways…what I began and I might even say in a modest way compared to what you are going to do…what I began all those years ago – and I do not just mean me, I mean Mohammad and the Buddhas, Shirdi Sai Baba, St. Germaine, St. Teresa, St. Catherine, Joan of Arc, Sitting Bull – what we began you are finishing. Now I do not mean the end of the world – quite the contrary – I mean the restoration of Gaia. And what does that restoration mean? It is the means the fulfillment Mother’s Plan.

You and I were never just an experiment. It wasn’t ‘let’s try this and see how it works’. Now, with the element of free will, have there been some experiments? Yes, but they have been of human making. In various discussions, it was important that you understood that the false grids and the paradigms of the old Third Dimension (lack and limitation, death, destruction, poverty, blame, shame, abuse, control, you name it) were deviations, scenic detours that the humans took.

But that’s not the truth of who you are, of who we are, of what this unfoldment and Plan is all about. So, while many of those things have and are playing out, they are doing so that they can be eliminated, so the illusion can be eliminated – not the memory. It is important to remember these things, not as front and center but enough that you don’t repeat.

What is coming forth is that courage and kindness, comfort and joy, for you to be the fullness of that heart consciousness, so that you take the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles of this creative chaos and mold them. You shape them and you bring them to the form of structure, of institutions, of buildings, of environments, of relationships, that are based on love, where there is simply no room for anything else.

It isn’t about a lack of tolerance for anything else. It’s simply the choice to live in joy. It’s the choice to proceed in ways that you promised the Mother and I certainly promised the Mother eons ago. Before you got here each of you, each of you were chosen and selected and yes, volunteered because there is no coercion on this side –  there never is. It was each of you saying ‘it’s important enough to me, as human, as earth-keeper, as hybrid, as full blown star beings, what is about to happen and transpose upon this planet is of such enormity, Mother, it is important to me, not only in service to you but to me that I go and that I be permitted, allowed, encouraged, supported to be part of this Implementation team.’

This was you saying “I want to see Peace on Earth. I want to see the end of violence. I want to see economic freedom. I want to see political freedom. I want to see stability. I want to experience and taste and know what Peace on Earth is, including peace with our star family as they share the wealth of their experiences with us.” So, it is not just the humans as you think of it who said ‘oh I’ll go’, it was many.

So, in so many ways, 2016 was a clean-up year. It was a year of extraordinary change for everything that has been hidden…and I don’t mean false news and false accusations, I mean what is hidden in the hearts of human beings, in the egos and the egocentric behaviors [that have] come to the surface. It was time for this to come to the surface so that it can be readily identified.

Change is in the very air you are breathing. Of course, there is always that internal/external breathe in/breathe out; that is change in its most fundamental patterning, and that my friends is the pattern, the grid, of the Mother. So, you are born and reborn in every breath. But I am also talking bigger than simply breathing.

Everything is coming to the forefront. You say, “Well, Yeshi, not everything…we didn’t have the fulfillment of what we’re waiting and hoping for.” How can you have a beautiful party and a global celebration if you haven’t cleaned house? That is what has been going on and you have been learning and accepting this expansion, this redefinition to your core of who you are. You’ve been having these senses of such love, not just emotion, or ‘I think I’m in love,’ I am talking about the truth of love, I am talking about extraordinary love, I’m talking about true love and the true love that I feel for you.

In 2016 you’ve been trying on your set of creator clothes…and darling, you’re looking fabulous! They fit you to a tee. Now you are ready to go out in the biggest sense, whether it is through a smile to a neighbor or to address the United Nations. You are prepared to go out and model these clothes, you’re prepared to go out and show the truth of who you are, gently and kindly.

There were times, and my trusty apostles were very good in reporting such, when I felt anger and distrust, distain and disappointment. These are not criminal acts, but it is also, my beloved friends, not where you want to live. So, there is that shedding of that old skin, there is the shedding of your old self and the embrace, the acceptance, the allowance, and the anchoring of your huge interdimensional, multidimensional self who lives in the fullness of heart consciousness. As you are doing that, you are doing that for millions.

You had surprised us when you had said you were going to ascend as one collective. As one who has walked as man and known the trials of that, I was touched to the core of my being because it was what I worked for. It is what I have always hoped for. When I have said ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ I wasn’t saying well, love some of your neighbors and leave the rest behind. Those I had difficulty with, some of the Romans, some of the Pharisees, some of the Rabbis, heck, some of my relatives, I wanted them all to know love. And that’s what you’re doing; you’re the fulfillment, in this year, not some distant time, you are the fulfillment of what I started so long ago. Thank you.

That is why I asked to tag along. That is why I offer, why I hold out my hand, my arm, in love, friendship and kinship. You are doing this in form, as humans, but never, never (think of it – that is a long time!) never have you been more accompanied in and out of form. More and more of you are seeing us and I tell you, I can’t wait to be seen.

It is going to be a year of extraordinary fulfillment…so get ready! You’re dressed, put your boots on because we’re ready. I love you, I have always loved you. I always will love you. I also have this enormous faith in you…we all do. So, go into the silence, go into the spaciousness, reset, as your year of extraordinary change comes to a close and get ready, my beloveds, for that extraordinary fulfillment.

Go with our love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

merry-christmas-2Merry Christmas, everyone, from the editors, channels, proofreaders, transcribers, and everyone else who puts out the news from the higher dimensions, in service to you.

Miracles await us. The new year should be unlike any other. Let’s journey together to its conclusion, keeping each other close and warm by the fire.

The way we construct our round of life is that our year reaches a crescendo around about this time. For some it’s Christmas. For others, Chanukkah. Still others, western or Chinese New Years, etc.

The year builds up to its crescendo and we experience more happiness and joy together at this time than we will at any other time of the year.

And we wish we could feel this way at other times of the year. Why can’t we?

I’ll offer my answer. In my opinion, it’s a combination of things, really.

We haven’t been able to feel this way at other times primarily, I think, because the vibrational atmosphere in which we lived – the frequency, the energy – was dense. It was like moving through molasses. And that obstacle is now gradually lifting.

Combine that with another reason.

We can’t, in my view, because we walk around in dense bodies, much like clanking suits of armor, that don’t conduct the finer feelings.

So it’s as if all of us in our heavy-metal armor help each other as a society to reach heights of joy and happiness around this time of year, but then are spent and cannot maintain it throughout the rest. This dense body plays a role in that inability to sustain our effort, I believe.

Now combine that with a last factor.  Our conditioning has shaped a great part of our outlook and a great part of our conditioning has been shaped by the military-industrial complex, financial elite, alphabet agencies, school, pulpit, mass media, entertainment industry, and so on. That conditioning doesn’t foster goodwill and peace on Earth. Far from it.

And so, around Christmas time, we combine our efforts and transcend that conditioning for a very brief time. And then we return to the relative drabness of a world the cabal built. Or rather we built for the cabal. For now.

Soon we’ll build a world that works.

But those are the things we struggle against.

Beyond these – beyond the vibratory density of Third Dimensionality, beyond the weight of the human body, beyond the conditioning of society’s controllers – WE ARE.

The natural self, the innocent being of light, the child of God IS. It always was, always is, and always will be. That is the Christ, as Jesus himself confirmed for me on An Hour with an Angel in 2012. Let me quote him:

Steve Beckow: I have a question from myself, and one that I would like answered for myself, if you would. Jan Ruusbroec in the Middle Ages once described the Christ, and he said this.

“In this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God in whom a person becomes able to see and contemplate eternal life.”

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth.”

Is that light indeed the Christ in its essential form?

Jesus: It is the Christed light. Yes, you are correct. In its fullest form. (1)

In his teachings, Jesus kept pointing at that child of God and its relationship to the Father. He called it the savior, the messiah. And that natural self – that Self – is indeed the messiah. Know That and you’re surely saved.

He said that it was one with the Father but the Father was nonetheless greater. He explained the road to knowledge of that Christ in parable after parable. The pearl of great price, the treasure buried in a field, the great fish among fish and mustard seed that grew into a great Tree are all the Self, Christ, soul known to all religions.

His epigrams have been cited by masters in all spiritual traditions, always as conveying deep and succinct wisdom. Few books call out the love in me greater than the New Testament.

Now back to rounds of life. Rounds of life, as far as I’m aware, are only meaningful to those who aspire to know that Self. Once that Self is known “in its fullest form,” the bliss of enlightenment sweeps away all other desires than the desire for more bliss, which is God. There is then no more role for rounds of life to play in our lives.

Krishna said that the walls of the irrigation channels in the field are useless when the whole plain is flooded. When the individual is flooded with bliss, no other desire remains but for more bliss. And the walls of our conditioning stand no chance against a flood of it.

As long as we’re moving towards that knowledge, rounds of life can be transformed into community rituals, with more depth and a greater honoring of love and bliss. They can be lifted out of the greeting-card mold and made into ceremonies that reflect back to us the meaning and purpose of life.

What is that purpose?

The purpose of life is that God should meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

The purpose of life is for us to know our true identity and that true identity is God. (2)

The child of God, the Christ, our very own Self, whose birth into the world of form is celebrated on Christmas, leaves the Father, as Jesus said, goes out into the world, learns its true identity, and returns to the Father again. That’s the real round of life. That’s the entire journey of an individual soul, from God to God, in its most succinct form.

That round of life we all follow. That round of life leads us to our permanent Home and eternal Rest. If only we could make our cultural round of life reflect that, reflect back to us the spiritual.

Until then, today is the crescendo of the year for many. May it fulfill all your hopes and dreams.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us here!


(1) “Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 16, 2012,” at

(2) These things I know at a realizational level of knowledge. See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue” at

The Vibration You Bring ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are approaching a situation in your life, and you desire a particular outcome, keep in mind that you are approaching the situation from a particular vibration. You bring a vibration to the situation you are approaching, and oftentimes that vibration that you are bringing is one of habit. It is a subconscious offering.

Rather than approaching a situation with the same vibration that you have always approached it with, we recommend deciding what vibration you want to bring to it and focusing purely on that vibration first. This requires you to wipe your mind clean of everything that you’ve been thinking about the situation. You want to start with a clean slate, because otherwise the thoughts you’ve been thinking are going to reinforce that same old vibration you have been bringing to it.

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Liebe in der neuen Zeit: Wie Seelenpartner jetzt die Welt verändern


Liebe in der neuen Zeitzum Buch: HIER

Von Gerti Samel

Die Beziehung zwischen den Geschlechtern durchläuft seit Langem einen grundlegenden Wandel. In letzter Zeit jedoch kristallisiert sich eine neue Art von Mann-Frau-Beziehung heraus, in der deutlich aufschimmert, worum es in der Zukunft gehen wird: Um reine, bedingungslos aus dem Herzen heraus gelebte Liebe. Diese ist radikal und kompromisslos, weil sie nichts zulässt, was aus anderen Motiven heraus entstanden ist. Liebe ist das Erkennungsmerkmal, die Nahrung und die Essenz der künftigen Verbindung. Bisherige Bücher über die Liebe befassen sich mit herkömmlichen Paarproblemen und versuchen sich in Lösungsvorschlägen. Dieses Buch geht darüber hinaus – es enthält eine Vision. Es zeigt die Liebe der Zukunft auf, an der man sich orientieren kann. Fast jede zweite Ehe ist heute zum Scheitern verurteilt, weil sie auf Traditionen, Werten und Vorstellungen gründet, die nicht mehr lebbar sind. Höchste Zeit also für neue Beziehungsinhalte. Die nämlich brauchen wir dringender als…

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… weiter gehts… mit den Zahlen….



Hallo liebe Mitleserinnen und Mitleser meines Blogs 🙂

Ich hoffe, ihr habt die Feiertage alle gut überstanden und der Alltag… die Zeit “zwischen den Jahren” bietet noch einiges an Erholung für euch.

Heute möchte ich euch nocheinmal berichten, was mir gerade – nach einigen Tagen der Pause – wieder enorm ins Auge stach!

Auf dem Weg zum einkaufen musste ich mit dem Auto kurz stoppen, um ein anderes Fahrzeug vorbei zu lassen…. Nummer auf dem Kennzeichen: 2222, was mir ein leichtes Lächeln ins Gesicht zauberte… der nachfolgende Wagen hatte die Nummer 777 und das Fahrzeug vor mir die 11.

Doch damit nicht genug…. ich fuhr auf den Parkplatz des Baumarktes, um Hundefutter zu kaufen… dort fuhr vor mir ein Wagen mit der Zahlenendung 999 aus der Parkbox und eine weitere 777 kam hinter mir angefahren.

Als alles erledigt war, wollte ich nach Hause und musste and er Kreuzung stehen…

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Heavenletter #5877 Love Expressed Again and Again, December 27, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.
Heavenletter #5877 Love Expressed Again and Again, December 27, 2016

God said:

If you don’t like the word gratitude, then think of the word appreciate in the case that you are more comfortable with the word appreciate.

What are they, these words, but a recognition of a gift dropped off to you? The recognition of a gift is a notice, a little nod, or perhaps even a blink of joy that says: “You gave me something. I received it. I am glad. You gave me a chance to look up.”

It is not downplaying yourself to express thanks to anyone. You are not too busy. Life is meant to be simple. Every one of My children is meant to be star-crossed. There is love in the stars perpetuated on Earth.

Everyone recognizes the great gift a plucked dandelion is that a little child hands to his mother. It takes no thought. The dandelion is a pure direct gift from the child’s heart. The dandelion wants to be given, and the child hands forth his heart. The dandelion is a declaration of the child’s love ringing over the Universe. Love is declared, and all hear the ringing of the bells whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Love reverberates. Everything reverberates. Everything is heard everywhere. Everyone is affected.

The Kohinoor diamond could not be a greater gift than the yellow dandelion. A diamond may not be nearly as great a gift as the child’s offering of the dandelion. A young child has no pause between wanting to spread joy and the declaration of it. The gift of a dandelion is Oneness signaled.

It is natural for a child of God to give from his heart, and it is natural for the receiver of a gift to acknowledge his recognition of the gift. Someone gives a gift, and the receiver says, “Thanks.” One gives, one receives, and both are as One. Both are saying, “Thanks.”

Giving a gift and the appreciation are One and the Same. A gift is given. Thanks are given. Oneness of Heart gives thanks for Oneness.

No gift is little. No act is little. The simplest acts may be great. How easy it is to bless the world and all who find themselves in the world. All may not know what on Earth they are doing here, how on Earth they got here, yet everyone is here to appreciate, as I appreciate the world I made and you. And you.

How brave it is for you to be in the world, and how propitious. You wear no armor. You carry no sword. You live in the world, and you smooth the way for all. Your Presence is a gift. You are here on Earth for a purpose. Across the board, your purpose is to bless and to spread joy.

Your gifts are lasting. The gifts you gave years ago may be remembered now long after you forgot about giving them. In this way, you are thought of. The gift you give is always yourself and not the object you hand over.

You may never know how great a gift you gave. You may never know what the gift you gave might have meant to the receiver or how it may have lifted his life. A gift is a live thing. A gift represents you. A gift is a great thing. If only you dared to declare love all the time by your very presence.

How did self-consciousness enter into the world? When did giving gifts become a production? When did Life lose its spontaneity? When did the natural become thought-out? When did giving gifts become expected, and gifts had to be good enough, fit into a mold, and be wrapped just so? When did there become a pattern for gift-giving rather than impulse?

How do you get back to the bounty main of your heart? When do you bless yourself next with love expressed and expressed again and again?
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