The Divine Mother to Currency Holders: “You are Protected”

archangel michaelWe had a rich, rich New Year’s Message from the Divine Mother, who assumed the form of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, for the occasion.

She explained on the air that it was still her, the Divine Mother, even if we addressed her by another title.  I can’t tell you how helpful such an acknowledgement is to a student of cross-cultural spirituality – the Divine has acknowledged that she took form. No more guesswork.

Previously I’ve been told that she was Mary, mother of Jesus, but never had a clear admission from her herself. That acknowledgement will help in the study of avatarhood.

One of the matters discussed was did the Divine Mother give us her assurance that currency holders who acted as stewards of the Mother’s wealth would be protected from such things as kidnapping and torture. She not only said “Yes” (period) but then went on to explain at length how that could be.

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She re-defined what Jesus called “real love” as “sacred love.” She explained that even sacred love is only Seventh-Dimensional. The Love that the Mother and the Father are … the One is …  is absolute love, and so deeper still.

She discussed how creative chaos weakens control and there then arises the opportunity for change.

I suggested to her that we didn’t come down to Earth this time to be devotees, singing her praises and performing devotional rituals. We came here as servants, as stewards to build Nova Earth and asked her to tell us what we needed to know to do her work.

This particular show will probably be my favorite for the leads she’s given me in explaining cross-cultural spirituality.  It’ll also be of interest to currency holders.