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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

It has been said that it rained for forty days and nights. Life has also presented droughts. Where are the rains and droughts of yesteryear? Where are the snows and all the shoveled snows? Long gone.

It is not a new idea that, on Earth, everything, every single apparent thing and person and experience is temporary.

If you could pick and choose what is temporary, that would make you feel better. Yet you can’t pick and choose. Or, that is: Sooner or later, your preferences are put aside. And you, one day, the way you see it, you are put aside. This thought looms over you, and you wonder how this can possibly be.

Of course, you never leave life, and you are never absent. Therefore, you are always present. Even after your so-called demise, you ever exist, and you exist on levels you may have no idea…

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