The Pace quickens

Sacred 333The pace of things, the extent of responsibility is picking up for me. And, by the end of the day, I feel spent.

And this is just a fraction of what it’ll be like later.

I feel confident. But I also haven’t yet mastered marshalling my time and energy. I give it away too freely and that’s one of the things that has me feel spent.

The skills I seem called upon to learn are no different than probably any corporate executive would have to learn.

But I’m a monk by nature, a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

And I prefer a monk’s lifestyle.  I have very few desires that I’m aware of.

Which makes me a good one to press a button.

And that’s what Archangel Michael wants me to do.  And I say this for the benefit of anyone else trying to figure out their mission and role.

He wants me to be first and foremost a communicator and only after that the chief officer of a group of lightworker funds and projects.

The only possible way I could do that is restrict myself to simply pressing buttons, so to speak. “Create and let go. Create and let go,” he advised me on one occasion.

Hire the one person who will create all else and stand back. Make only the go/no go decisions. Nothing else.

It’ll take discipline.  I see all the lessons learned, even recently, about detachment and foresee their value being revealed in the months ahead.

Every day I’m drawn more and more out of my cave. My identity is gradually shifting.

I notice that I’ve completed enough vasanas or core issues that I don’t get into uncomfortable states like embarrassment any more.   I get as well that I’m progressively better able to remain in the center, the middle, the heart.

I also notice that I find myself saying “yes” to most things asked of me in the way of service. Yes to public speaking. Yes to Lights of the Roundtable. Yes to doing the Lightworkers Congress. Yes, yes, yes. In those areas there’s no resistance and so no tiredness.  And, yes, I get there is a limit.

So many things are happening – all of them backstage – that I feel well supported by our co-creative partners in the Company of Heaven, as we contemplate the new roles we’ll soon be playing.