Seinfeld for President; Obama for Stand-Up

obamaseinfeld“I’ve always wanted to be in a show about nothing,” Mr. Barackobama (one word) said. “And here I am.”

This video, in which Jerry Seinfeld drops by and picks the President up for coffee (“Got time for coffee?”), in Jerry’s Corvette, is head-bangingly funny.

Seinfelt to Obama: “Are you still up for coffee?”

Obama: “Sure. Why don’t you come by. It’s 1600 Pennsylania.”

Seinfeld enters the Oval Office by the back door, makes himself comfortable, and munches on a Presidential apple.  Having taken one bite, he asks the President: “Are these washed?”

One funny line at different levels: President Obama: “A few weeks ago Dick Cheney said he thought I was the worst President of all time. That’s funny because I think Dick Cheney was the worst President of my lifetime.” Ooo-whee. Love to go down that rabbit hole some day.

What color are the President’s underwear? Was his first night in the White House like A Night in the Museum?  Where does one throw an apple core in the Oval Office? (Not in the Presidential wastebasket.)

Barackobama shows his cool in the face of Jerry’s send-ups.

Two really enjoyable people to bring together! Relax and laugh.

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