Archangel Michael on Enlightment and Ascension

Michael 23Steve is on holiday today.

We’re excerpting a past Hour with an Angel discussion with Archangel Michael on the similarities and differences between enlightenment and ascension. From July 2016.

SB: [I’d like to] correct, if need be, my own impressions from some time ago that ascension followed the levels of enlightenment which are well known to Gaia’s sages, terrestrial sages. I’m no longer sure if ascension follows those chakra-related enlightenments.  (1)

AAM: Shall we begin with the process and stages of enlightenment? …

In your understandings – whether it is eastern or western, north or south – you have had delineations in terms of levels and, even in terms of the realm of human existence, twelve dimensions, twelve planes within each dimension. You have been given the construct and the understanding that one progresses step by step by step.

And, the underlying or underpinning comprehension to that is that you cannot go to, say, step 24 unless you have completed 10 to 24, that this is a progression and your terminology so often used is a journey. And, I think you would all agree and even those who never listen to this program, if posed the question would agree, because do not forget, I speak to all of Gaia; that there is a sense of forward thrust.

There is a sense of progression, and that sense of progression comes from the feeling, but, more importantly, the wisdom and the knowing that all of you – and we will stick to this process of what is occurring on Earth and Gaia – all of you are in a process of forward thrust back to the Mother, Father, One, Source. So, there is this inherent sense that you want to move, move, move forward. And, in that, gain closer, higher, fuller, more intimate connection to your Self and to the all. And, that is what the journey and the process of what you think of as enlightenment is about.

There are similarities between ascension, and you may feel free to interrupt me, my brother, between ascension and enlightenment. But, understand, so often with enlightenment, the process, unless you are completely in Sahaj Samadhi, is that you are in, out, and at times separated from your abilities to fully integrate into your body. Now, in ascension, in this process of what you and we have called ascension, there is the process rather than leaving or elevating your consciousness to a level where you are connected, it is that you are coming and going at the same time.

Let me explain. You are bringing into your form – and there will be some bleed through in discussion of light bodies – but you are bringing into your form the conscious practicality, awareness of union with One. That is why we gave you the 13th Octave. It was to prepare you to be the inhabitants of your being in a level of complete union. So, let us explain, to be home with One, with Mother, Father, All, but also to be in your body.

Now is this an evolution, or perhaps what you would you think of as evolutionary jump, a quantum leap, and that is why we have used that term so often over the years? It is a quantum leap in terms of how you define what it means to be human. And, in that, the sensation, or the experience may often feel not necessarily true, but it may often feel as if you have skipped many of those previous layers or steps that we have talked about a minute ago.

But, let us explain. The ascension in many ways can be called descension. So, it is anchoring. Now, you have had this concept of separation, not only between steps and layers and processes, but in and of yourself. And, the ultimate separation, of course, is what you have called and experienced and termed death, when you have left your body. So you get to go home and to be free of this burden called the physical vessel. But this physical vessel has been so ignored, depleted, underestimated. (2)

Let’s combine what Michael said with what Jesus said yesterday:

What is ascension? You know when I spoke to the people 2000+ years ago I tried to keep it simple and that is a good rule of thumb even today in 2017. Ascension is the conscious heart living of love. It is the expanded heart consciousness. When you are fully in your heart consciousness, what happens? A number of things get triggered. Your intellect, your mental capacity and what you think of as emotional capacity is cleared. Your intellect, your mental capacity expands phenomenally. Your ability to understand, to perceive, to see and to truly feel the love – not simply romantic love – that you begin to engage in – and so did I – at around twelve or fifteen or twenty-four.  You become the love, you are the love. This isn’t something again that you are needing to be taught, it is your fundamental self, it is who you are.  (3)


(1) When the kundalini  reaches the fourth chakra, stream, one comes to know the Child of God, the Christ, Self, or Atman. When the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra, one comes to know the Light that the Mother is. When the kundalini reaches the seventh-chakra, one comes to know the transcendental Light the Fa5her is. After that, when the kundalini reaches the spirit heart via the Atma Nadi, one is liberated or ascended.

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