The Reval: The Morning After

Michael 23OK, so, just say the Reval has occurred and you’re wondering what to do next.

Here’s what Archangel Michael has told me to do the morning after – and for a week after that.

From two personal readings with him through Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: As soon as this has occurred, we want you to take an entire week off.

Steve: Is that in seclusion. Is that what you mean? Or play?

AAM: Play, walking, seclusion, camaraderie. But the most important thing you will do is simply breathe. Because your world as you know it will have shifted.

So it is not to hire people. It is not to find a new place to live. It is not to engage everybody. It is just to breathe and from that place of centered, anchored breathing, then to proceed. (1)

He returned to the theme on another occasion:

AAM:    Do not be precipitous. STAND STILL.

Now that may sound like very amateurish advice. It is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do.

Go to the stillness.

Do not feel the immediate necessity, which is an invention of your imagination and ego, to jump into action. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe; to allow this shift in reality, of what you have defined as your personal landscape, to sink in.

Yes, there is an entire world waiting to be rebuilt. It is not achieved if you jump the gun. It is not achieved if you are going full steam ahead and then collapse because of stress.

Stress is a physical reality. It is not you simply creating drama. It is a bio-physical, electrical, spiritual reality. Give yourself a time to breathe, to withdraw if necessary, to scan the environment, to enjoy yourself, to celebrate. And then with the sense of “no hurry,” go forward.

Steve:    Thank you very much for that. It’s going to be very challenging when it hits.

AAM:    You have need to make sure that you take care of your sweet physical self. Yes, there are the challenges; new home, new situation, and time out.

But do the practical things that I recommend as well. Bodywork, massage, cranial-sacral, relaxation, cycling, working out, and eating properly …  now this is going to be a challenge … sleeping.

Steve:    Oh Gawd, is that a challenge!

AAM:    All of these very basic human necessities will have need to be addressed. If you are exhausted, if you are running on caffeine and adrenaline, you do not come from a place of compassionate wisdom.

And, dearest, that is what we do!

The compassionate wisdom requires that you take care of the physical vessel that you have designed with us.

So step number one is pay attention.

Steve:    That makes perfect sense.

When stress goes up; awareness goes down. So the very time you need awareness, discernment, memory, vocabulary and all the rest of it, your ability to access it all goes down.

AAM:    That is correct.

Steve:     We are least well-equipped at the very moment when we need to be the best equipped.

AAM:    That is why attention to the de-stressors that you know of, such as meditation, bodywork, fresh air and sunshine have need to be paid attention to.

It has need to be, and I say this very strongly, a requirement not only for you, my beloved friend, but for your entire organization. Working endless hours under stress to think that you are completing a mission is not completing your mission!

If you are not taking time for joy, for laughter, for love, then you are not completing your mission. (2)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 21, 2015.

(2) Ibid., May 21, 2015.

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