Heavenletter #5870 Love Sought, December 20, 2016

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God said:
You may equate freedom with wherewithal. Oh, yes, there may be times when you feel that the only thing that holds you back is money.Dear Ones, there is something more than money that holds you back. There is a wealth of something else that could serve you and serve you well. I speak of the sense of well-being that you seek, confidence in yourself that you seek, and confidence in Life and Me as well.

It is always more than wealth that you desire. There is more to ask of yourself. Money may be a means to an end, yet there is only so far that money can go.

There is something of yourself that you want to expand. Lack of money can be an excuse for your not being independent. Money may seem like a quick solution, yet there is more to independence and freedom than meets the eye. There are deeper qualities you seek.

You do know that you are seeking something. If you could know the name of it, then maybe you could better pursue it. You seek for more that seems to be stuck within you.

Peace? Sure, yet more than peace. Equanimity? Sure, yet something more than equanimity. Confidence? Certainly, yet there is more to the story than that. Luck? How you would welcome good luck.

Begin to know right now that you are the good luck that you seek. That you seek independence is your good fortune. No longer do you want to weigh down anyone else. You want to be free and allow others to be free.

No one wants to feel like a burden. You might indeed like to be taken care of, yet you would not want anyone to want to kick you aside. To be unwanted is a terrible thought. To be unwanted may be the worst thing you can think of.

If only someone would feel honored to be responsible for you, then you could breathe and feel loved. How your heart aches for love to be counted on. Your fear of rejection is greater than you knew.

Your fear of rejecting others runs a race with your fear of being rejected. Which will come true first, you wonder. You don’t know if you will ever truly realize that which is called love in the world.

From where does your help come? I am advertised for this, and this is ultimately so. And yet help also comes from within you.

Now you face what you suspect to be true. You look it in the eye. Your awareness of lack of love in your very heart is a big step forward.

Yes, you would love to be loved more, and you would also very much love to love more. Now you are more aware of the distance from your heart to other hearts. What you don’t know is how to cover the distance.

You are unable to manage your own love. With all the money in the world, you are unable to buy the deterred love in your own heart to give away. With more love in your own heart for yourself, then you could give forth more love to others without asking for repayment. You would like to love. You would like to know the cure for the sullied love that is more than you can bear.

You do not know that you will ever feel love in abundance in your heart that feels all dried up. You may feel that your love never had a chance. What you hoped was love never panned out. What you hoped was love turned into acrimony.

Where did bitterness come from? What soured you? How do you get from here to somewhere else? How do you get from bitterness back to love? How?

How do you engender more love in your own heart? This is the question of questions.

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