You are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council

the councilYou are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council

At this time, in this season, we see that those who have come to this earth as workers for the light may easily see before their eyes all of the conditions that have been spoken of for so long.

We have told you that all that was hidden would be revealed to you. And that is happening each day, each hour. And we hasten to say once more that it is far from complete even now.

But we have also told you that this is necessary to clear the way for the new world that you will construct. This has happened before many times, and yet here you are. Once again there will be a new earth.

As you look around you, it would be very easy to allow yourselves to fall into dismay, into fear. For you are not being told of the wonderful things that you are already building from the rubble of what has fallen. And yet, dear family, these are many. And they will only increase – increase to the point of becoming the new world that you have decided to construct.

As you observe the situations that are surrounding you, as you see what is being exposed of the old, notice what it is bringing forth of the new. See the unity that is building. See the strength of those around you. See the determination that is building. See the budding recognition of the love, the oneness, and the power of who you, all of you, are.

And we ask that each of you now contribute your part to this. Know that you are able to do this no matter where you are or what your own circumstance is. If you are able, reach out whenever you can and support those around you. If you perceive that where you are, you stand alone, then reach out in your heart, connect with those you feel, and with us, and make the intent to lift all who would rise. Send love and support to all who need it, who will accept it. And absolutely know that every thought, word, and feeling of love, of light, of healing, and of joy that you have is raising the All that is the oneness of your humanity.

As you see another, see them as they truly are. See them as another face of the divine being that you all are. Regardless of how they see themselves, what they present, hold the space for them to become the best that they are able. It may not be possible for you to reach them in the moment, but it is surely possible that you can show them that you recognize them for who they are, whether they can see it or whether they cannot.

If you cannot show them who they are, you can show them who you are. At some point, soon or late, they will come to know that they can be that, also. This is what a way-shower may do.

And absolutely know that, wherever you are, and whatever you have to do now, it is exactly what is needed. If someone else could do it, they would be doing it. And so live your life in the very best way you know how. Be in gratitude. Be in love. Be in joy. You are changing this world to be what you have always known it could be.

Know that we are with your every thought, feeling, and breath. We are not separate from you, just as you are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately.

So be it.

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